Louisa County Animal Shelter

Our Pet List

Please stop by our shelter to see our exciting new renovations!!!
We have many wonderful animals for you to meet while you are there!

Who We Are

This site was set up by volunteers for the Louisa County Animal Shelter. We will try our best to update the site as often as possible, but as the animals move quickly through the shelter please contact the shelter directly for the most current information.

Mission Statement

The Louisa County Animal Shelter operates under guidelines of the Commonwealth of Virginia providing humane sheltering, care, adoption, and redemption of stray and surrendered animals. We strive to eliminate pet overpopulation by encouraging spay/neuter of animals, increase the public awareness by educating our citizens on responsible pet ownership, and to prevent any form of animal cruelty. We are a county pound and we must maintain a few open runs for new intakes at all times. When we do fill up we work very hard not to euthanize for space by calling out to adopters and rescues for help.
The Animal Shelter is staffed by the Shelter Manager and two Shelter Attendants. There are three Animal Control Officers. Volunteers are a vital part of the daily operation of the Shelter.


We have recently started an Adoption Ambassadors Program.
Please contact us for more information.

Animals are brought in to this shelter at an alarming rate. Most of these animals are sweet, friendly, housebroken and would be all around wonderful pets! There is not enough room for them all. If you can help us in any way by fostering an animal, contacts with rescue groups or even better...giving one of these animals a permanent home, please contact us...quickly.

Adopting a friend

    Adoption Fees:
    $20 for dogs and puppies
    $10 for cats and kittens
    Adopters are responsible for the cost of all necessary shots plus spaying or neutering. Spay/Neuter is required prior to the animal going home.

    Come Visit Us!

    Louisa County Animal Shelter
    18 Sacred Heart Ave
    Mineral, VA 23117
    540 894-4219

    Shelter Hours
    Tuesday through Saturday 10AM till 3PM


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