Castle Cat Rescue

MEOW"..................CHARLIE is looking for his special home. Charlie is totally bored here at the shelter and NEEDS your help to find a forever home!

We occasionally have courtesy posts to help place pets that need a new home (available directly from owner). You may adopt or see the kitties available by e-mailing Jane at or the fosterer/owner listed for the kitty of interest. YOU can help by passing our kitty photos along to someone interested in a pet and help us place our WONDERFUL kitties. Our posted kitties would love to be in their FOREVER homes by DEC Holiday season, They want YOU to be their FOREVER home.

We are winding down our rescue operations, and just taking care of cats in hand. We have elderly and special needs kitties here to support. We are leaving the site open for people who have adopted from us to find us again. We do courtesy posts and will try to match cats needing homes with people who want cats, but not with our own shelter pulls. if you need low cost spay neuter, you can contact us and use the clinic we use in woodbridge run by Pets Ltd. on sundays. GREETINGS FROM THE KITTIES AT CASTLE CATS!

OUR WEB LINK is and "Castle Cat Rescue" on Facebook.

Our cats bring us joy all year round, but we appreciate any donations this time of year to help with our shortfalls and neediest kitties. We have several resident senior kitties, one diabetic, one blind, and two feral kitties and help strays and homeless cats as we can. If you have a donation, please mail to Castle Cats, 4121 Elizabeth La, Fairfax, VA 22032 and contact us if it is a donation of goods. We are also listed with for those of you who order goods on-line. All donations will be put to good use.


We would like to remember the kitties who were lost. Our thoughts are with them. If we have left a kitty off the list or if you have a correction, please let us know.


02/13 " Monte" long-time kitty friend of our shelter and our "assist" kitty. Loved by all. Jane R. .

06/13 " Dove" beloved kitty of Andrew P. of Alexandria.

12/13. " Castor" Beloved kitty of Marty and Rick S. Of Springfield.

01/14 "Little Mouse from window-well" wild white-footed injured mouse that Jane cared for.

01/14 "Cleo" Beloved kitty of JoAnn M. and Bob A. of Alexandria VA.

04/14 "Evie, aka, Mt Everest", our little bottle baby and beloved kitty of Marty and Rick Summerour of Springfield, VA

04/14 "Maya", Beloved kitty of Josh S. and Danielle W. of Bristow, VA

06/14. "Titan", beloved kitty of Andrew P. Of Alexandria.

07/14 "Bowser", Our little bottle baby and beloved kitty of the Schwark's in Fairfax, VA

08/14 "Shadow", Beloved kitty of Christopher B. of Vienna.

09/14. " Mickey" , beloved kitty of Jonathan P. Of DC.

11/14. " Buckeye", beloved kitty at Castle cat rescue and Jane and Jim of fairfax VA

11/14 " Black Jack", beloved kitty at Castle Cat Rescue with Jane and Jim of Fairfax, VA 11/14. "BabyCat", beloved kitty of Hitomi and Jon K. Of Fairfax Station, VA.

12/14. "Roonie" beloved cat of Stephanie S. and family in stafford va

12/14. "Ms Chatty" beloved kitty of Stephanie S. and family in Stafford, va

01/15. "Tinker" beloved kitty of Mary. Lou V. of Annandale, Va

01/15. "Emma", beloved kitty of Aubrey H. of Vienna

01/15. "Glenna". Beloved kitty of Allison M-Y.

02/15 "Feral Kitty", beloved kitty of Castle Cat Rescue, Jane R. and Jim H.

02/15. "Jessie", beloved kitty of John V. of Fairfax, VA

02/15. "Siren-Reed", beloved kitty of Lydia E. Of Annandale, VA.

04/15. " Angus", Beloved kitty of Mark B. of Sterling, VA

05/15. "Little Bear", beloved kitty of Jane R and James H of Fairfax, VA

05/15. " Xerxes", beloved kitty of Schwark family of Fairfax, VA.

09/15. "Brutus", beloved kitty of Margaret K of Bethesda, MD

09/15 " Simon", beloved kitty of Michele T. of Fairfax Station, VA

10/15. "Pinto", beloved kitty of Charles S of Fairfax, VA and jane R of castle cats.

11/15. " Bob", beloved kitty of Stephanie S. and family of Stafford, VA

12/15. " Mimi", beloved kitty of the Porter family of Arlington, Va

01/16. " Sarah" bleoved kitty of Grace and Bill C. Of Savana GA.

02/16. " Tirnket". Beloved kitty of Melissa S. and Chip S of fairfax, Va and Val G of Falls church Va

07/16. "Sasha" Beloved kitty of Margaret K of Bethesda, MD

09/16. "11 yr old foster kitty". Beloved kitty of Nikki P. In baltimore, md

09/16. "Duchess", Beloved kitty of Robert Bascom and family of Chambersburg, PA

If you are interested in adopting a nice kitten or adult cat, please consider looking at the Fairfax County Shelter on Ox Road. More information can be found at Then click on the link to see the pet listing at PetHarbor. Also consider any URGENT posts. We currently have three kitties for adoption, two one year old sisters and Charlie. Dolly and Max were adopted! Cutie and Milo were adoted! Pinto, Little Bear, and Tuffy were adopted! Kienu and Ginger were adopted by Four paws!

Our Pet List


WE Commonly need wet foods like fancy feast or sheba for blind kitty. we use 5.5 oz cans of any brand and we use 13 oz cans of friskies, numerous flavors. WE mostly use Kitty's Best clumping bags Petvalu, but accept all brands and types. We need left over Zeniquin, Baytril (any strength), Zithromax (tablets or powder), doxicycline and Anerobe (Clindimycin). We often need Buprinex and ALBON. If you know anyone on IntronA or NEUPOGEN or EPOGEN with some left over or out of date, it's used by MS and cancer patients, please call Jane at 703 425-0581. (For Neupogen, the amounts in the empty discarded vials is enough to treat a cat for 1 to 2 doses). We also use Clavamox pills, Cephelexin, Ciprofloxacin, and Grisfulvin pills or Griseofulvin liquid, Frontline, Advantage. We also use Procrit (epogen) for kidney faiulure kitties. Fluid bags and other meds. Also we can use leftover heartworm medicine (particularly Interceptor - dog strength) or Revolution for any size dog or cat. We can use Rimadyl for dogs too. Please call 703 655-3285 or e-mail Donations can be left in Fairfax anytime.



We appreciate each and every contribution to our rescue group. Thanks so much to all of you for remembering the kitties this time of year!

WE THANK Peggy R. and Dan R. for continued support and in honor of Sammie.

WE THANK Ken and Dina L. for kind donation in hnor of buff boys.

WE THANK Ginger and Ed C. for kind donation.

WE THANK Charlene N. for kind donation.

WE THANK the Julie D and family for kind donation.

WE THANK Carole Z for kind donation in hnor of Willow.

WE THANK Elizabeth G. for kind donation.

WE THANK Richard S. for kind donation in honor of Boris.

WE THANK Judith C. for kind donation.

WE THANK Haily and Dorothy for donating time to clean shelter and imputing the budget entries into computer for us. They are eighth graders in our neighborhood. We THANK Petvalu clients for cash donations given at our adoption fairs. - very nice people come in and say hello.

********************** Our Featured Pet***********************

Charlie is a great cat who was found starving in a neighborhood where no one claimed him. He is nice and very friendly kitty who loves to be in an outdoor run and is attracted to people who garden. He stays indoor here at the shelter. He is current with shots, tested, and neutered. Contact Jane at for more information.


Castle Cats is looking for a volunteer to put budget entries into excel. WE are also looking for a volunteer to re-upholster our shelter couch and chair. We need help organizing supplies at the shelter. We also need a volunteer to mop and do laundry every other week. We would also appreciate any donations of food, supplies, or veterinary medicines. we need help with accounting and putting numbers in computer program. If you have purchased food that your cat will not eat, we can always use it. Please send monetary donations to help our senior kitties. We have several who are 17 yr old kitties who need extra vet care. Send donations to Castle Cats at 4121 Elizabeth La, Fairfax, VA 22032. We thank you in advance. The kitties need your support.

Who We Are

Castle Cats is a very small rescue and near retirement. We are non-profit and all volunteer. We care for and rehabilitate un-owned or abandoned cats. We educate the public on the virtues of spay - neuter and our goal is to help shelters in our area transition to no-kill shelters. We rescue from kill shelter and abandoned cats from the streets. We place tame cats in new homes. We strongly support direct adoptions from your local county shelter and adoptions from other non-profit groups on Petfinder. We work hand-in-hand with other rescue groups to help share resources. We spay-neuter stray or feral cats brought to our attention, to the extent that our resources allow. We are unable to take any give-up kitties at this time, but will generally do curtesy posts if you are in our area and meet certain requirements.

Adopting a friend

We seek responsible, good pet owners. We hope we are not overly intrusive, but do like to feel confident that the pet in your care will be safe and cared for. Adopting a young cat or kitten is a 15 yr commitment. All cats over 4-5 months old are spayed/neutered before placement. We have a strict spay-neuter policy. We disclose a full medical history. A contract is signed in the adoption process and there is an adoption fee. You can either contact us first or fill out an inquiry form and email to and we will contact you. Click here to download our pet inquiry (application) form. Click here to download our pet contract form.

Last newsletter and archives! Click here to download the June 2008 newsletter. Click here to download the December 2005 newsletter.

Come Visit Us!

No, we are not open to the public. We can meet in nearby petstore, if inteested in adopting.
Castle Cat Rescue
near guinea rd and little river tnpk

Fairfax, VA 22032
Phone: 703 655 3285

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