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Who We Are

We are a basset hound rescue group headquartered in Salt Lake City , Utah covering the entire state and southern Idaho. Our mission is to provide quality veterinary care, food, shelter and support to basset hounds needing assistance in the area. We will provide continuing support throughout the lifetime of the dogs we have placed.

Adopting a Basset

UFBH screens all prospective homes carefully. It is very important to us that the basset hounds new home be a permanent home. We ask all our prospective adopters to sign a statement that in the event that the basset hound is not compatible with them or their family, they return the basset hound to us and not a shelter. At a minimum, all basset hounds that we adopt out will be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Because we utilize foster homes, we will have first hand knowledge of problem behaviors, health issues, and personality traits. This ultimately will assist us in making the best placement decision for each basset hound.

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Adoption donations are required. The amounts are as follows:

If you are not sure a basset hound is the right breed for you, try fostering. We are always in need of volunteers to provide food, shelter and love on a temporary basis.

Come Visit Us!

Come visit us at www.ufbh.org!
Utah Friends of Basset Hounds

Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Phone: Intake 801/631-2938 or Adopt 801/466-2639

Email: adopt@utahbassethoundrescue.com
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