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IT'S KITTEN SEASON, which means that it's especially important to focus on spay/neuter. If all of the kittens born during this season AND their moms and dads get fixed now, we'll see an exponential decrease in the number of kittens born later in the year. Often, well-meaning families intend to spay or neuter their kittens, but wait too long and their kitten--who's still a baby her or himself--is pregnant or has made another cat pregnant. Some facts to consider: A kitten as young as four months can get pregnant --and can even get pregnant by her four-month-old brother. Kittens can be safely spayed or neutered at four months. In fact, a two month old kitten can be spayed or neutered as long as they're 2 lbs! Young kittens recover from surgery more quickly than do older kittens and adult cats. A cat or kitten can be safely spayed even if she is pregnant. Please remember the older pets when you're looking for an animal with which to share your life. Love knows no boundries, and love has no age limits. Thanks!

We are open and staffed 7 days a week! Adoptions are very important to the success of our shelter. We are staffed every morning from 9:00am until 1:00pm. We are also available every evening at approx 07:30pm. If these hours are not convenient please call 435-559-3885 and set up an appointment.

Cats, dogs, and other animals are available for adoption. Cats are free to adopt. Dog adoption fees range from $10-50. All other animal's adoption fees are determined upon the animal's arrival and can vary greatly depending on the animal.

Enoch Shelter was once a high-kill shelter due to volume and lack of space. Now, because of the volunteer efforts and the local rescue groups, euthanasia rates are almost non-existent.

Who We Are

Enoch Shelter is a City run facility that accepts stray and owner release dogs and cats.

There is a $100.00 drop off fee for owner surrenders.

There are a wide variety of pets available for adoption, including puppies & kittens.

If you are looking for a specific breed, please call Chris at (435) 559-3885.


To reach the Enoch City Shelter, go North from Cedar City on Minersville Hwy. Turn east onto MidValley Road in Enoch, then take the first turn north off Midvalley Road, 600 East. The Shelter is a small white building.

Enoch City Animal Shelter
4916 North 600 East
Enoch, UT 84720
Phone: 435-559-3885

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