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For up-to-date pet availability call (435) 781-7297,or stop by the shelter 1387 E 335 S (Shelter Ave.). We get new animals in just about everyday.

Who We Are

We are here to help you, and our furry friends to co-exist better, and for all of us to have happier, longer lives. These animals need us to take care of them and make them part of the family. Some animals live their whole lives and never have a forever home. One day we hope that there will be no more pets who don't have that unconditional love.

Adopting a friend

Please call or stop by, we would love to see and talk with you, and perhaps add someone to your family. Our adoption fees are very reasonable and vary from animal to animal. Adoption Fee: $10.00 Microchip $12.00 Sterilization $varies Vaccinations $20-$46 The microchip is a great concept, compared to $35 or so at most vet clinics, it's a bargain! AVID is our company and we chip everything that is claimed or adopted with a chip from them. They are all over the country so even if you're on vacation Florida, Avid will contact your numbers to let you know your pet was found. All the vets, shelters, and Animal Control officers have a scanner to find a chip. We scan animals as soon as they come in, and most times if an animal is brought in by a good samaritan, and has a chip, we can call you to come pick them up right away at no charge! As long as the information is current, there are only plusses to a microchip. We require every animal to be spayed/neutered when they are adopted from our shelter. It does not change them in any way except to prevent them from adding to the pet population. There are no accidental litters that people will drop off in a ditch in a bag on a freezing day, drown in the river, or throw away in the garbage. These are actual events that are too horrible to make up. Those are not solutions to something that could easily have been prevented. We are now taking care of the litter from the ditch, and how anyone could have looked at their faces and still thrown them out like trash is just beyond anything I can understand. That is why it is mandatory to sterilize our adopted friends. Vaccinatons are very important. If an animal with a disease comes into the shelter, all animals are at risk. The ones who have been vaccinated already have a better chance of not getting sick. Parvo is a very dangerous problem that is very contagious especially in puppies. They must be given the parvo vaccine in a 3-part series. One every two weeks, 3 times. Then they are protected for a year when they will need a booster. Kennel cough is also a very common sickness that spreads like wildfire in a confined environment. They get that in their nose also when they come in. Rabies vaccs are extremely important as well. Only a vet can give that, but we require proof after and adoption or claim.We try very hard to save and protect those animals that come into our shelter, but it is also the owner's responsibility to keep up on the shots. It might sound like a lot is expected of someone to adopt from here, honestly it could seem that way. But there is a reason for every bit of it and it is towards Your advantage that we are helping you in case you didn't know about something. Our goal is to get these animals into loving homes to be taken care of in every way possible.

Come Visit Us!

We are at 1387 East 335 South in Vernal, out by the Uintah County Road shop. We hope you will come and help these animals.
Uintah Animal Shelter
1387 East 335 South
Vernal , UT 84078
Phone: (435) 781-7297, if no one answers please leave a message, we want to talk to you!
Email: uintahacsssd@ubtanet.com
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