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Let me tell you about Charity. Charity is a young lab/chow cross pup. She's a sweetheart little gal who's had a rough start in life. Her owners were moving and were needing to find a home for her. At one point they had her on the tailgate of the loaded pickup and she fell out. This broker her femur. We have doubts that such a fall could break the strongest bone in her body, but this is the story we were told. One of our members was at the vet clinic/animal shelter when they brought her in. They were deciding on euthanizing her vs turning her into the pound. We stepped in and a kind samaritan offered to pay for half of her vet bill to fix her leg. We are still looking for help for the other half of her bill. Charity had surgery and a pin was placed in her leg. She has healed well and is learning to put weight on her leg again. At only 4-5 months old she has certainly had a tough start to her young life, but we know the right family for Charity is out there somewhere!


on August 11th we will be sponsoring a for fun dog show at the Uintah County Fair. We had our first one last year and it was a huge success. This year should be even bigger and better with events such as the kissingest dog, the most spots, the longest legs, prettiest eyes and more. We also had an agility demonstration last year, and this year we are having Save a Dog and Kids come out and do a Click and Treat Demonstration for us. We plan to also have dogs and puppies for adoption at the event and perhaps even "rent a dog" for a contest!

Who We Are

Uintah Animal Care is a non-profit animal rescue organization located in Vernal, UT. Our mission statement is: Promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in the Uintah Basin, Utah.

Adopt a Friend for Life

We charge a $75 adoption fee for dogs. The fee covers spaying or neutering, first set of shots (not rabies) and a microchip. We charge a $65 adoption fee for cats if they've been feline leukemia tested. Cats that haven't been tested are $45. The kitty fee covers spay/neuter and first set of shots (not rabies).

Come Visit Us!

We are in Vernal, UT. Vernal is in the north eastern part of Utah. We are right on Highway 40.

Directions from Salt Lake City: From Salt Lake City head to Park City and Heber on Interstate 80. Get off at the US Hwy 40 exit. Follow US Hwy 40 all the way in to Vernal.

Directions from Denver: From Denver you have a few choices. You can come to us via I-70 through Grand Junction and then over Douglass Pass via Hwy 139 into Dinosaur, CO where you hop on US Hwy 40 and head into Vernal. Or, you can come over Berthoud and Rabbit Ears Passes, going through Steamboat Springs and the like.
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Phone: (435) 789-2367
Email: uintahpets@yahoo.com

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Last updated 4 March 2001.

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