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Adopting A Friend

Adopt ME Society Adoption Application


Please fill out the following questionnaire to help us find the right              companion match for you.



Address: ______________________________________

City: ______________ State: _________ Zip: _________

Home Phone: _________________ Cell: _____________ Work: _____________ Email____________________________________________________________


What type pet are you looking for: _______Dog _________Cat_________ Dog/Cat?


Is this pet for: ___________You ____________Family ____________ Another Person


Why do you want a pet? ______________________________________________________________


Explain what you are looking for in a pet? ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________


Size: (Dog Adoptions) ____Small up to 30 pounds ____Medium 40-70 pounds ____Large 80-100 pounds

___ Huge over 100 pounds _____ Any size is OK   ____ Depends on Dogs


Breed: I am looking for the following breed(s)

Activity Level: ____ Low____ Medium _____ High   


Age: ___8wks-3 mos ___ 3-6mos ___ 6-18mos ___8mos – 3 yrs ___ 4-6 yrs ___ Any age is OK


How many people live in your home? _____

List Names and Relationships:


Names:                                     Relationships                                              Age







Do children or grandchildren visit on occasion’s _____ Yes/Ages: _____/ ____No


Is any one in your home allergic to any pets? ____No ____ Yes ___Don‘t Know


Does your home have a yard: ___ Yes ___ Fenced ___ Not fenced ___ No yard


Your household is ___ Quiet ___ Active ___ Very Active


Do you: ___ Own ____ Rent ____ Live with parents


Does your landlord allow pets? ________


Please list your landlords name and phone. ______________________________________________________________________________________

Where will you keep your pet during the day? _____Inside ____ Outside _____Inside/outside

At night: _____Inside ____ Outside _____Inside/outside



How many hours in a day will your pet be home alone:

____ Somebody is usually always home____ 1-4 hours ____ 8-12 hours ___ I come home during lunch

____ I bring my pet to work with me _____ I plan on using doggie day care ____ I have a doggie Door




The pet I adopt must (check all that apply) ___ Do well with children ____ Do well with dogs

 ___ Do well with cats ___ Do well with strangers


I’m prepared to train my new pet for __ Housebreaking __ Destructive chewing __ Separation anxiety


Who will be your new pet(s) primary caretaker: __________________________________________


I am willing to spend up to the following amount for treatment of a pet: ___ $0-$50 __$51-$100

__$101-$250 __ $251-$500 ___ Whatever the animal needs.


Your Pet History

Please provide a list of current and past animals. Include type and ages, how long you had them, where did you get them and why they’re no longer with you. 


Pets name        Breed                            Age               Adopted from               with you/why not with you            







Are they current on vaccinations (including rabies)   ___Yes ___ No

Are they spayed or neutered ____ Yes ___ No

Are they licensed __yes __ no


Under what circumstances would you give up a pet? _________________________________________


Have you ever had to give up a pet? If yes tell us why and what did you do.





Name of your veterinarian: ______________________________________________________________




Sign _______________________________________________________   Date __________________



Daye Abbott    801-209-6130

Dixie Loosli    435-232-5545




Who We Are

Adopt ME Society is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization run by volunteers whose shared goal is to rescue, provide sanctuary and ultimately to re-home abandoned, stray and neglected animals. 



Come Visit Us

1st weekend of month - Petsmart     1830 S 389 W, SLC, UT

3rd weekend of month - Petco          1165 E Willmington, Sugarhouse, UT

5th weekend of month - Petsmart     1830 S 389 W, SLC, UT

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