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Good News! The building of our new shelter is going slow as funds are not available for us to continue. PAWS is currently housing 100 plus cats and kittens and a larger, more adequate shelter is needed to continue to help the many homeless kitties in Odessa. Individual donations are desperately needed to continue to build the new CAT HAVEN, as the work is done as the funds come in. Please mail your tax deductible donations to "PAWS" Cat Rescue Haven House, P.O. Box 13566, Odessa, Texas 79768.

Who We Are

Hello, I'm Vickie Lee. I am founder, President, and head slave for "PAWS" Cat Rescue Haven House. I became 501 c3 tax exempt in September, 2005. Since then we have adopted many cats/kittens out to very good, loving homes. We've accomplished a lot, but we have so far to go. No matter what we do, it's never enough. So many cats/kittens are being put to death every single day. The shelters are full, and the only other option is the City pound where some of the lucky ones get adopted out. For the others....their precious little lives are ended. It's so unfair. It could have been avoided if pet owners would have been more responsible. Every single cat/kitten PAWS has taken in has been abandoned, abused, and left behind as trash to defend for themselves. They are all so helpless and they don't deserve to be treated this way. They are Odessa's trash, but they are PAWS treasures! We take these precious babies in, and rebuild their faith in humans. We love them, make them well, and adopt them into inside homes where they will be safe and loved for the rest of their life. It is our goal to make sure they will never have to be afraid, hungry, or hurt again. PAWS has many un-adoptable cats which are feral or have behavior problems. We are a true NO KILL shelter. If we can't adopt them out, they will remain at PAWS for the rest of their life. We don't ever give up on them, and we can always expect miracles! We currently have a small two room shelter which houses many full grown cats, and my home which houses some of the special needs cats, and nursing mom's, and kittens. We are in dire need of help from people who care and want to help us. Whether it be donating money, volunteering, adopting, or just simply saying a prayer for us, we need your help! You can mail your donations to PAWS Cat Rescue Haven House, P.O. Box 13566, Odessa, Texas 79768. All donations are tax deductible. May God bless you all for your help!

Adopting a friend

It is our policy to only adopt to people who live within a 50 mile radius of Odessa, Texas. For those wanting to adopt out of this radius we suggest you go to the nearest city pound or shelter, as there are homeless kitties in every city. To adopt a cat/kitten from PAWS you must call us from your home phone only. If no one is available to take your call, leave your name, home phone number, and the best time to call you back. An adoption screening is done over the phone to see if you qualify to adopt one of our PAWS residents. We do ask for references, and we will call them. Please don't be offended by all of the questions. It is very important that we place these cats/kittens in a home where they will be taken care of and loved. They have all been through so much already. They deserve a home and a family to call their own! If adoption screening is passed, an appointment is made for you to come see the cats/kittens and our address will be given to you at that time. At time of adoption you must sign a contract stating you will keep the cat inside your home at all times, neuter/spay, and get all vaccinations if not already done. We do not have the funds at this time to test all the cats! If you have any other cats, you will need to test before taking a PAWS cat home. You must also agree if you choose to not keep the cat/kitten or cannot afford to take care of it, to bring them back to PAWS. Please understand 98% of these cats have never had a home. I could not tell you how they are going to react to having a real home. If you adopt, please be willing to give them time to adjust. Be patient! Not all of our kittens are on this website as we have so many and some are in foster homes. If there is a specific type of kitten you are looking for give us a call and I'm certain we have what you are looking for. We have just started charging adoption fees. Our adoption fees are affordable. We show the cats by appointment only. We are currently full and cannot take in any more cats/kittens. However, I would be happy to help you anyway I can and give you options on finding them homes. PLEASE do not dump your unwanted cats off at PAWS!!! (they are not trash!) Most of them get run over and the others are so terrified, I can't catch them. If they are your pets, it is YOUR responsibility to find a safe place for them to go. Again, I'll help you any way I can.
Phone: (432) 366-1030 Address: P.O. Box 13566 Odessa, Texas 79768

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