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Dogs held at the shelter are available for adoption after 7 days. Please Contact City Hall or Theresa Farley for further information. Impounded pets cost TAX DOLLARS! Please vaccinate and license your pet with the City.

Who We Are

We are a City Animal Control Shelter. We have limited space. 6 Kennels. We have no facilities to house cats. So we have dogs only. Our Shelter is an outside shelter under a covered awning. Currently we are unable to house dogs long term. Our goal is to find loving permanent adoptive homes for as many unclaimed dogs as we can. We are also a small town on a very small budget. If you'd like to donate a gift to our shelter it is always appreciated. Items currently needed are new brooms (corn type), a push broom, a floor squiggy (no bigger than 3 ft.), rubber gloves (disposables). We could use a couple of big fans too, those that are enclosed in a wire cage would be best. (Not those huge barn fans, those are too big). We could also use one of those Rubbermaid style Garden Storage Cabinets for Storage, it would help keep things dry. A sturdy table that will hold up in the outside weather. Dry Dog Food is always appreciated. And treats too. Also toys, the Kong type are best, they are almost indestructable and are easily washed and sanitized..

Adopting a friend

Texas State Law says that any dog or cat adopted out of an animal shelter must be currently vaccinated against rabies. Because our goal is to find loving permanent homes and we understand the expense of spaying/nuetering and health care, we only ask that you sign an agreement to vaccinate the dog for rabies and pay a $20.00 adoption fee. We also strongly urge those adopting dogs from the shelter to have them spayed or nuetered. For more information please contact Animal Control Officer Theresa Farley at Danbury City Hall @ 979-922-1551

Come Visit Us!

Our shelter is located at our wastewater treatment plant and access by the public is limited. For more information please contact us.
City of Danbury Animal Shelter
6203 5th Street

Danbury, TX 77534
Phone: 979-922-1551

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