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BRING A LITTLE LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE ... ADOPT A SHELTER PET! We typically have our mobile adoptions on Saturday afternoons. We are at the Conroe Petco on the 1st and 3rd Sat. of every month from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. We only bring the pets that folks have specifically requested to meet and a few others if we have room. Check out our available pets then come back to this page and complete an application for the pet (or pets) in which you are interested. Just click on the link at the top of the page, fill it out and hit submit. Your application will be sent to one of our volunteers and we will get back to you shortly. Completing the application ahead of time, helps us to help you choose the right pet for your home.

GREAT NEWS!! We have added a Humane Education Program to our services. We will be happy to go to your facility and give classes, lectures, etc. on humane treatment and care of domestic pets. These are great for children and adults. We can bring all sorts of domestic pets and farm animals, or not, depending on what you need and to whom we are presenting. We talk about everything from raising a healthy puppy/kitten to introducing an older dog/cat to your home, to some behavior modification ideas and helpful hints. It has worked very well at local schools, churches and day care centers. If you are interested and would like us to come to your facility, please call or email. There is no charge for this service but in the past the kids have had a lot of fun raising money and collecting donations/pet food/detergents, etc. the week before we are scheduled to be there. They take great pleasure in presenting us with what they have collected. It makes them feel really good to support such a worthwhile cause and helps teach them the importance of compassion and supporting charities. Please get your pets spayed/neutered. There is no way we could ever take in the amount of domestic pets that we are asked to. It's just overwhelming.

Adopting A Friend

To fill out our online adoption application go to http://www.spcaofmc.com/forms/form?formid=1248&contactsformsid=622729

To be able to adopt one of our pets, there is certain criteria you must first meet. We are particular about where the animal will go and how they are taken care of. Our reasoning behind this is that most of these animals have already had a rather traumatic life. Our goal is to help make the rest of their life much more enjoyable and to be included as a family member. Our adoption fee for our pets includes the spay/neuter surgery, up to date shots, (including the state required rabies shot), worming, and monthly flea and other parasite treatments. Some will also have completed heartworm treatments. Vet and medical costs have increased lately but we have decided to keep the majority of our pets at a minimum of $95; if there are special circumstances or an extensive amount of vet care involved, we may ask for more to help offset the cost of their medical care. If the adoption fee is anything other than $95, we will post it on the description of each pet. We are hoping this small increase will help us continue to take in and treat sick or injured pets so they have a 2nd chance at life.  Many animal rescue groups in Montgomery County will not take injured, sick or ill pets because of the risk, expense & time involved. We sincerely hope you will support us in this effort to keep as many of these pets as possible from being euthanized solely due to being hit by a car, beaten, having any curable temporary conditions such as mange or allergies, or testing positive for heartworms. It only costs around $5-7 a month to keep your pet on heartworm preventative...the treatment however to get rid of heartworms is more like $500 on average and it is very dangerous and very hard on the pets. All of our pets go to the vet several times before being adopted. We give puppies and kittens their boosters plus worming meds and keep them away from other pets for at least two weeks to make sure they are protected from disease before going to their new home. We also include their rabies shot if old enough and keep them on monthly heartworm and flea preventatives. All of our cats & kittens have tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV. Several shelters/rescue groups in this area do not test for this fatal, contagious disease. If you adopt a cat or kitten, make sure they have had this test or get the test done before you take your new pet home. We only adopt out pets already spayed/neutered. This is very important and the terms are not up for negotiation. We felt the need to get involved with animal rescue because of the huge numbers of animals that are mistreated, dumped, neglected and abused. In Montgomery County alone, the numbers are staggering, around 2000 pets are euthanized on a monthly basis in this county. Domestic animals are dependent on all of us to take care of them and for some reason, a lot of folks out there don't realize that. So please, encourage education for proper care of pets and most definitely SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET.

Who We Are

We are the SPCA PETS SNAP of Montgomery County. We are a volunteer based, pet rescue and rehabilitation organization providing a safe haven for neglected, abused, and abandoned animals. We are a no-kill organization, adopting out healthy, friendly animal companions. Because we are a no kill organization, and we don't have our own shelter, the only way we can take in more pets is to have additional foster homes. By keeping our pets in foster homes, and remaining a volunteer based org., we have no building overhead or payroll costs so all of the money brought in by adoptions or donations is put directly back into the care of our pets. Please call and let us know if you have room to care for any of these deserving pets. If they end up on the street, or worse, they may be picked up by County Animal Control who takes them to the local shelter where they may be euthanized within 3 days if the owner is not found or if the rescue groups are too full. Unfortunately, the majority of domestic animals picked up are euthanized due to nothing more than overpopulation. There is no logical reason for an overpopulation problem, there are many free and low cost spay/neuter clinics, yet Montgomery County euthanizes approx. 2000 animals every month. This is a tragedy and can be rectified easily if people would learn and commit to be responsible owners. We are here to help and to educate the public on proper care and treatment of your pet. Please volunteer in whatever way you can. There is always something you can do to help at your local no kill/ nonprofit pet rescue organization. These pets deserve the chance for a good life. Please help us help them. Spay or neuter your pet.

Come Visit Us

All of our animals are kept in foster homes. We do, however contract with local pet stores and other businesses to use their facilities for weekend pet adoptions. You can email us for special showings and we will do everything we can to meet with you at your convenience. We hold a mobile adoption event on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at Conroe Petco from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. and our adoptable pets are located in the adoption room on the left side of the store thru the double glass doors.



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