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The life you save may be your Best Friends.. 


Adopting A Friend


Adoption Fees 


Females - $88    

Males - $63  


Females - $63 

Males - $43 

All adoptions require the owner to sterilize their new pet, and vaccinate it for rabies. Sterilization and Rabies Vaccinations are covered in the adoption fee.

A credit voucher for sterilization/vaccination services

will be issued at the time of the adoption.

Many veterinarians will honor these vouchers

without charging any additional fees.

Consult your veterinarian to find out if he or she

accepts our vouchers.

The health of any animal adopted is not guaranteed,

and additional veterinarian care

may be needed for your new pet.

We are now inserting microchips in your new pet

during the adoption process.

Please speak to one of our Animal Control Officers

for more micro-chip details.

Credit/Debit & Exact Cash are the only forms of payment accepted for an adoption. Change will not be given & checks are not accepted.

All adoption fees must be paid to the Mount Pleasant Police Department after adoption forms are processed at the shelter. 


Who We Are

The Mount Pleasant Animal Control and Protection Center  

is a small shelter that serves the city of Mount Pleasant. 

We house animals from within the city,

from Titus County, and from

other contracted cities.

We are only able to house animals for a short period;

that period depends on our capacity limits.

When our shelter is full,

we have to make room for new animals.

We prefer to make room by adopting or

allowing rescue groups to pull from our shelter.

Unfortunately, there are not enough people

coming in to adopt or enough rescue

groups pulling from our shelter.  

Because of overcrowding,

adoptions and rescues mean the difference

between life and death of our shelter animals.

We strongly encourage you to


You can do this by coming in the shelter today.

If you need to call or email us, you are invited to, but please do not hesitate.



Come Visit Us

Mount Pleasant Animal Control and Protection  

1500 N. Mulberry Mount Pleasant, TX 75455  

Phone: 903-575-4174 

We are open to the public

Monday - Saturday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.


The shelter animals online are subject to change multiple

times a week, so we encourage you to visit us frequently

online, or you can come in person. There are

always more animals at the shelter to choose from.

To email an inquiry about an animal, please send to


Please be sure if you are emailing an inquiry that you include your telephone number. Providing your telephone number allows us to serve you faster, and could mean the difference between life and death for the animal you are inquiring about.


Contact Mount Pleasant Animal Control and Protection


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