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It is our goal to place the pets in our custody in permanent homes.  To help us accomplish this, we ask that you take pet adoption very seriously, as pet ownership is a hefty responsibility, with countless rewards.   Please take some time to meet with and interact with the pet you are considering adopting. Take into consideration the feedback we provide; we work with these animals daily and strive to place them in appropriate homes. Research the breed you are considering adopting and keep your options open ... the fluffiest, smallest, prettiest pup isn't always the best suited pet companion for you.
The cost to adopt a companion pet from The Colony Animal Services Shelter is $95.  $20 of the fee is the actual adoption fee.  $75 of the cost is given back to you with the adoption in the form of a voucher which can be used as payment toward the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination and pet microchip at participating veterinary clinics. 
In addition to the fee, anyone adopting a pet must complete and sign a binding contract agreeing to have the pet spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies and microchipped by a date determined by The Colony Animal Services Shelter. These procedures are mandated by Texas Law, and cannot be negotiated.
The Colony Animal Services offers NO refund or exchange. Should you determine that your newly adopted pet isn't a good fit for your family or lifestyle, please contact the shelter and we will gladly route you to the proper place to release custody of your adopted pet or arrange the return of your new pet.

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