Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas, Inc.

Weims for Adoption


Our Weimaraners are treasured family members, and we hope for loving homes for all Weimaraners born into this world. In reality, the need for Weimaraner Rescue will be with us long into the future. If you want to make a difference in the lives of Weimaraners needing rescue for years to come, and help us insure the financial security of WRNT, please contact us for more details by email or Voice Mail: 972-994-3572.

Who We Are

Weimaraner Rescue of Texas, Inc. rescues Weimaraners from animal shelters and dogs found stray or abandoned. On a case by case basis, we may offer placement assistance to owners who no longer want their Weimaraners. We operate primarily throughout Texas. We will ONLY consider Adoption Applications from the five state area including: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisana.

Adopting a friend

Each dog is given needed veterinary care including vaccinations, testing for heartworms and treatment if needed, spay/neuter, tattoo or microchip and registration with Tattoo-A-Pet. Our Adoption Donation is $300.00 for adult dogs and $350.00 for puppies (when available). The Adoption Donation is only $200 for senior dogs, dogs with special needs, and weim/mix dogs.

The Adoption Process includes completion of an Adoption Application, phone interview, and an in-person interview with all family members and other pets. Veterinary reference and a home visit are a part of the adoption process.

Qualified homes will allow the dog to live primarily inside, provide a safely fenced yard suitable for the age and athleticism of the dog, provide regular veterinary care, monthly heartworm preventative, and basic obedience classes after adoption. To view photos of Weimaraners available for adoption, please visit our web site at: www.WeimRescueTexas.org

Come Visit Us!

Weimaraner Rescue of Texas Inc.
4347 W. Northwest Hwy.
Suite 120, Box 184
Dallas, TX 75220
Phone: 972-994-3572
Email: bark@WeimRescueTexas.org
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