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Adopt a Husky of Dallas Inc.

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Adopt A Husky Of Dallas Is A Non-Profit All Volunteer Organization dedicated to saving Siberians Huskies from death row, to the education of the public in how to care for them and understand the gentle and affectionate nature of the breed. We are committed to finding good homes in which to place our dogs...

We live in a society overloaded with unwanted animals. Over 300 are euthanized in Dallas/Ft. Worth every single day of the year except Christmas and Easter, days the shelters are closed. The animals die yearning for things many never had in their life; affection, attention, care, security, understanding, good food, safety, and a place called home. Ones who might have briefly known a few of these things often hurt the most.

It is said we get back what we give, and we have discovered this is certainly true in saving the huskies. We see huskies hanging on to a thin thread of hope. Sadder still, we see huskies with broken spirits depleleted of hope. When we begin the renewal process of healing their body and spirit, we witness an amazing event. When we provide kindness and love, we witness a beautiful response from these broken lives. As the mending of a broken spirit begins, the kindness and love are returned back to us. Each husky is unique and special. No two have ever been exactly alike. Each one has a distinct individuality and personality and will always be part of our ever growing husky family here at AHDI.

There is always another day, another story, and another husky. As we work hustling to save the next one, we know that in the end it is us on the receiving end. Rescue work requires emotional strength and dedication to the work. The heartwarming joy we have discovered doing the work, comes from them - - - the huskies!

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Adopt a Husky of Dallas Inc.
3000Custer Road
Suite 270-156
Plano, Texas 75075

Phone: 972-606-7550


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