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For Charlie Brown Medical bills http://link.email.dynect.net/link.php?H=%2BsiIS2DoQPdPYMNMZebGnOkCM0Tn10jgS0VYf2bYDhtupTc%2FVjE1gSYt3UkRHFB6h%2B5rc2g5AWQac2KKeK6X8OyXYiVonwxni0vliABjV4Q%3D&G=21&R=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gofundme.com%2Fx6egxhc&I=20150615154528.000000ae6062%40mail6-04-pao.dyndns.com&X=MHw3NzY2NjI6VEVNUElEXzQyOzF8Nzc2NjYzOlFVRVVFSURfMjU5NTQxNzc2Ow%3D%3D

Our Featured Pet: Wish List: Bedding( old towels,blankets, etc.) Dog houses,25lb self feeders,and self water bowls, outside toys, chew bones, always need adult dog food,purina indoor cat food, clumpable litter,cat beds and toys, cat trees or poles,and always bleach,dawn dishing washing soap and tide to wash bedding.


Who We AreNOTICE: We have open our doors on August 5,2005, Puppy-Dogs-R-Us is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, No-Kill animal Rescue organization that is dedicated to helping animals in need find loving homes, that also Relies on Donations to continue helping animals. We are a volunteer based organization that operates solely on support from the community. If you or someone you know needs to do community service you can do it here. Although we are a small organization in size, through hard work and dedication, we have saved over 2642 of pets from destruction and / or abuse since we open. WE DO NOT RECEIVE ANY HELP THRU THE CITY OF DAYTON,STATE OR COUNTY WE ARE TOTALLY RELIEING ON DONATION AND OUR ADOPTION FEES. SO PLEASE HELP US SO WE CAN HELP YOU.If you are surrendering a pet or pets there is a one time only $35.00 per animal fee and a 50 lbs of food per animal and if they a cats also a box of scoopable litter per cat. We DO NOT have a quarantine area so the State of Texas says that everyone MUST have shots before entering our facitily with proof of shots that were given.

Adopting a friend

Here at Puppy-Dogs-R -Us we strive to do our best that everyone here are happy,healthy and ready for new homes before they are put on the list to be adopted. Those that are to young you will need to sign a contract saying that you will either spay or neutered the pet.You also need to understand that most everyone here will need some obedience training,and a refesher course in potty training. You must have veterinary information,and if you rent a copy of the pet deposit,or a letter from your landlord stating you can have a pet there. If you live out of State and want a dog or cat,you will need to set it up with American Air Lines on a weekend and pay the fair for your new pet. Also there will be an extra cost delivering the pet or pets to the airport in Dallas. You will be responable to pay for the health certificate, and crate. We will buy the crate but, if you keep it then you will have to pay for it, other wise you will to ship it back to Puppy-Dogs-R-Us. Please understand that we are a Non-Profit group, that needs every bit of money we have to make sure that the pets here get everything they need. We are a small rescue group, that does have a big heart, please don't abuse us.

Come Visit Us!

Please call to make an appointment, to come see our sweet heart of pets. We may be outside building, feeding the pets here or playing with them,picking up some supplies,taking a homeless pet to the Vet,or out doing an Adoption and we would not want you to miss seeing our sweet heart of pets here. Please keep us in mind for we are always in need of donations,and volunteers.
385 county road 6021
Dayton, TX 77535
Shelter: cell # (832) 984-0217
Email:adoptapet23@yahoo.com or puppydogsrus23@yahoo.com or you can text me.