Who We Are

Portland Animal Shelter is the facility that houses cats and dogs that are picked up by the animal control officers for the City of Portland. Many dogs are picked up for running at large and, unfortunately, most of them are never claimed. Many cats and kittens are also picked up from houses where they are caught in humane traps simply because they are homeless and unwanted. Most of these animals end up being euthanized because homes for them cannot be found.

Adopting a friend

In order to adopt a pet, the new owner will be required to sign a Sterilization Agreement. This agreement is a binding contract which will obligate the new owner to have the animal spayed/neutered by a specified date on the agreement. This time period varies between adult dogs and cats and infant male and female dogs and cats. Any questions concerning the alloted time periods should be directed to animal control authority. THE STERILIZATION AGREEMENT TERMS ARE ENFORCED BY TEXAS STATE LAW AND FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT IS PUNISHABLE AS A CLASS C MISDEMEANOR.

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Come Visit Us!

Our site will be updated as new pets become available for adoption. To see a pet in person or to pick up a pet you wish to adopt, you may come by the Portland Police Department at 1902 Billy G Webb . where you can meet Mario Or Debra our Animal Control Officers If you plan on paying us a visit, please call us first to make arrangements for the most convenient time.


Portland Animal Shelter
1902 Billy G Webb
Portland, TX 78374
Phone: (361) 777-4444
Email Mario Garza @ mgarza@portlandpd.com or debra.engel@portlandpd.com
Portland Police Department
1902 Billy G Web
Portland, TX 78374
Phone: (361) 777-4444

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday: 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
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