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As with other assistance dog training organizations, not all the dogs we begin to train actually graduate as assistance dogs. We usually identify the dogs that will not complete our program during the first 3 months of training and they are offered for pet adoption. We never return a dog to a shelter.

We select dogs for their friendly temperament and begin their training, which gets the ball rolling for you! We continue to train them in basic obedience the entire time they are with us. Depending on how much we have worked with them, our adoptable dogs typically know sit, down, stay, and walking on a leash without pulling, in addition to being trained to hang out in a crate and to toilet outside.. They are in good health and on flea and heartworm preventives.

We post adoptable dogs here, so check back often. We are looking for forever homes with a fenced yard and the ability to give the dog time and attention, as well as sustain the good habits we worked to build. Our adoption fee ranges from $300-500 depending on the amount of training we have provided.

How to Adopt -- Come Visit Us!

If you are interested in adopting a Service Dogs Inc. pet dog please visit our website at and click on the tab "Adopt a Pet Dog" to submit an application.

Who We Are

For 28 years, Service Dogs Inc. (SDI), a non-profit organization, has trained Hearing and Service Dogs to assist Texans living with disabilities. We adopt all of our dogs from animal shelters and rescue leagues. We use positive reinforcement methodology to train the dogs to bring greater independence, safety and unconditional love to new partners, all free of charge.

Our website also provides pictures of our new training center, our training methods and information about local events and fundraisers around town. Come visit us online!
Service Dogs Inc.
Training Center
4925 Bell Springs road
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Phone: 512-858-1495
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