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We have had a major series of adoptions in the last month thanks in full part to our friends at Austin Boxer Rescue. They were able to get 7 of our beloved boys and girls adopted into awesome forever homes in less than a month. We certainly could not have done it without them. Our hats off to Jen and all of her awesome volunteers and fosters for helping us out so dramatically. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Who We Are

We are really more of a thing than a place. We have dogs all over the city. We have numerous foster homes but not as many as we need. We are forced to board dogs at two different veterinary offices and two different kennels which is definitely not the best environment for any dog but it is better than the other alternative.

Adopting a friend

How This Process Works Once you decide you are ready for a rescue dog to enter your life, the process we have in place to ensure successful adoptions may seem convoluted. We know that for a dog to have become a dog in rescue there have been some problem(s) and probably more than a little turmoil in their life. We make a promise to every rescued dog in our care to find them the best forever home we can. We take this promise VERY seriously. We know what we are doing, so please let us guide you through the process so we can all celebrate another successful adoption. The ideal situation is for you to be open-minded as far as age, sex and color of any dog you wish to adopt. This way, as we learn more about you, your family, your pets, your habits and your lifestyle, our volunteers can make good decisions when matching up one of our pups with you and your family. We have played middlemen in quite a few successful love connections. Following the system we have worked out over time is the ONLY way a dog we are caring for will be adopted. If you find this process too time-consuming or labor-intensive, you are probably not a great candidate for a rescue dog. That said, we will certainly do everything in our power to accommodate any needs you may have. Please just keep in mind that our first priority is the welfare of the pups. First, we need to get an adoption application from every prospective family. (This is available on our website. From the home page click on the links tab and then hit the highlighted fostering and adoption link.) Please fill it out as best you can. We know we are rather nosy and that the application is lengthy. Every question is asked for a reason. A completed application shows a certain level of commitment on your part. We will send the application back to you to complete for omitted information. Please email the completed application to with “ADOPTION APPLICATION” on the subject line. We carefully review all completed applications. We will call you if we have any questions about your application and more than likely even if we don’t. We will also call your references and your veterinarian to see if you have maintained what we consider a minimum of care, so please let them know to expect our call. We require veterinary confirmation of both proper annual vaccinations and the monthly administration of a heartworm preventative. If you cannot show a consistent pattern of care for a period of time longer than you have been contemplating adoption of one our dogs, this process will come to a screeching halt. That one is a deal breaker for us. Hopefully, any pets you currently own will also be spayed or neutered. If not, your application will be rejected unless you have a VERY good explanation as to why. A home visit will be the next step. Your application will be forwarded to the volunteers in charge of this step. You will be called within 48 hours of your application submission to schedule this vitally important part of the process. We can usually get any home visit in and around San Antonio done in a day or two. If all goes well to this point, you will be ready to meet some of our dogs. Using the information we have learned about you and knowing the habits and tendencies of our dogs, we will introduce you, one by one, to the dogs we feel present the best fit in theory. In practice, at this point, it all boils down to chemistry. The dog you really connect with, feeling as if you have known each other forever, is always the right dog. We will introduce you to as many dogs as it takes to find “THE ONE!” Everyone involved will know when the fit is right. You are free to see any dog you wish with the exception of any dog we feel is a poor fit for ANY reason. Please do not feel compelled to adopt a dog because you feel sorry for him/her. You could be shortchanging the pup by keeping him/her from finding their perfect forever home. This perfect home has different parameters for each dog and we will hold out until we find it for every pup. They all deserve that. They have us to love and care for them until this is accomplished. We know this seems time-consuming. It can be at times, but it doesn’t have to be. If need be, we can do this whole thing in a day. We are certain that a perfect forever home is, by far, the best place for every one of our dogs to be. We certainly do not want to delay any adoption one second longer than it takes for us to be positive that we are not creating a situation that puts one of our pups even remotely at risk. And they all lived happily ever after.

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