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We are in dire need of contributions and foster homes to remain open for rescue. If you can be of assistance please email or call. Thank you.


Animal Rescue Foundation is trying to raise funds to perform a total hip replacement surgery for Reno our Rottweiler. he has already had one surgery done on one of his hips successfully and now he needs his other one done to feel complete. If you can help, please send contributions to our address and mention it is for Reno's surgery. Thanks so much!!!

Who We Are

Animal Rescue Foundation is a non-profit group devoted to rescueing, rehabilitating, and adopting homeless and abandoned puppies and dogs. We provide all intakes with wormer, shots up-to-date, spaying/neutering, any neccessary medical treatment to provide a healthy, adoptable pet, and of course shelter, food/water and love. All our dogs are on Heartworm preventative as well as other parasite preventatives. We screen possible adoptive homes in order to find quality families to adopt these survivors.

We operate solely on public volunteers and donations.

We believe these precious souls are to be given the respect of any other God-given life on our planet. Furthermore, that they own the right to be sheltered, fed, watered, exercised, routinely examined by a qualified veterinarian, and given daily love as a family member.

Adopting a friend

To adopt a homeless dog from ARF, one must complete an application and be approved to be a quality home for a family pet. We strive to match the personality of our pets to the right family situation.

We will accept a minimum donation of $95.00 to adopt one of our mixed breeds and $150.00 for a purebreed. This donation is directly applied towards their medical costs and does not usually cover the complete cost to get a typical rescued dog back to health. Puppies under the age of four months require a $100.00 deposit which will be returned when proof of rabies shot and spay/neuter has been completed within the given time.

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Call by telephone to 281-217-7207or email at
Animal Rescue Foundation

Phone: 281-217-7207
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