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The Pet of the Month :

Our pet of the month introduces himself...

January 15, 2000: Tom is 5 years old and loves everyone.
Please go see his picture. He is much more energetic than you would think, and would do well in a home with younger, active dogs to play with.
He is very curious of all around him and when outside spends much of his time along the fence watching the comings and goings in the neighborhood.
When inside, Tom likes to look out thru the window or door. Tom loves to go for rides and would travel well. He enjoys playing with all sorts of toys, stuffed animals are his favorite.
Tom is housebroken, leash and crate trained, knows basic commands, does well with children, small and large dogs, but does not play well with cats.

News :

The Shar-Pei listed here are the ones we currently have available.
However, we have associates that have some wonderful rescues ready for loving homes, you may contact PC Hanes at: or Lisa Jones at for details on their available Shar-Pei.
We are also in contact with several Texas shelters that have Shar-Pei and other wonderful pets whose time is running out.
Please contact us for a list of Shar-Pei in Shelters in your area.
There are many Shar-Pei awaiting adoption thru the North America Shar-Pei Rescue.
Please visit their website at:

Small Breed Dogs :

We had an overwhelming amount of inquiries when we posted some smaller breeds on our website and thought we should list here a couple of the other rescues that deal primarily with those breeds.
For small, fuzzy dogs; Lhasa, Maltese, etc, please contact Billieann Brady with Fuzzy Face Rescue at: , also visit their website to see the dogs they have available at:
For Dachshund lovers, please contact Christine McEntyre at: , and visit the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue website at:

Who We Are :

The Shar-Pei Rescue League began when we agreed to temporarily foster two super Pei-guys until a home could be found.
One thing led to another, when word got out we were willing to help, we started getting requests to take another and another. Before long it was very apparent we were no longer just fostering, we were a rescue.

Adopting a Friend :

An application, reference and background checks, and a home visit are required prior to adoption.
We try to only adopt to families within our state, Texas, but will consider applications from Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, too.
Our rescues are adopted to people that will consider them members of the family, share the house, the sofa, and the bed with them. We do not allow our animals to be outside only pets or watch dogs.
Our standard adoption fee is $ 100.00, which covers one-third the cost of their spay or neuter, getting them started on heartworm preventative, all their shots, various tests and other miscellaneous incidentals; plus a "puppy-pack" that includes a collar, leash, toys, food and assorted other items that are usually needed by the new family.
Please write for more details on the rescued pet you are interested in and to request an application.
Our vet is available to answer any questions you may have regarding health and temperment.
He is Dr. Mark Hitchcock and can be reached at 915-793-1011.

Donations and Volunteers :

Our Rescue is in constant need of funds, supplies and volunteers.
We prefer that monetary gifts be sent directly to our vet.
He is Dr. Mark Hitchcock at Buffalo Gap Rd Animal Clinic, 4522 Buffalo Gap Rd, Abilene Texas 79606, 915-793-1011. Supplies that are most often needed are food, collars, leashes, blankets, towels, toys and crates.
Large packages can be shipped to us at 1101 Pine Street, Abilene Texas 79603.
Smaller items can be sent to the post office address at P.O. Box 7281, Abilene, Texas 79608. Foster families are greatly needed in the Central Texas area; to temporarily house and care for rescued pets until a forever home is found.
This is strictly a volunteer situation, not a paid position.
If interested in becoming a foster family, please write us for more details.

Come Visit Us :

Our rescues are shown by appointment only.

Rescue Mailing Lists :

Please consider joining these Rescue lists: Texas Pet Rescue Mailing List [TxPetRescue] : Animal Rescuers Forum [ A.R.F.] : Texas Pet Transport [Tx P.E.T.S]:
Shar-Pei Rescue League of Texas
2501 Buffalo Gap Rd # 7281
P.O. Box # 7281
Abilene, Tx 79608
Phone: 915-677-6795
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