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Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue -


We are seeking Volunteers to help with the operations of, Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue.

Soon we are planning on electing a new board of directors.

Foster homes are needed to provide loving care for rescued animals, while being treated by our vet for medical needs of each animal. If you can not be a foster mom or dad, you can volunteer your help in other ways.

Fund Raisers are needed for Fuzzy Face to to rescue more wonderful Fuzzy Face Pets..

Join us by subscribing to:

FuzzyFacePet & you can recieve e-mails about rescue needs. Transportation is done accross the country. You can help by driving a short way.



BillieAnn Brady
Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
BillieAnn Brady
Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
Brady Law Bldg.
4910 East Lancaster
Fort Worth, TX 76103

Please, PRINT & complete the application below.

Please, ask your vet to fax us the pet records for your other pets.
Our fax number is: (817) 534-2539.

Preadoption Questionnaire

Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
Post Office Box 8799
Fort Worth, TX 76124-0799
Fax Line: 817-534-2539

We wish to adopt : "Dog's name" if known: __________________

Or similar dog____ Yes, ______No. Breed of dog or dog types wanted:

Describe the type of personality you would like in a dog?

Your Name:


City, State, Zip
Day: Telephone: Night:
Pager or Cell Phone:
E-mail address at home:
E-mail address at work:
Near what big city or cities?

Near what Airports?

Near what Interstate Highway?

Can you travel? Where could you meet the dog?
I may be able to arrange for transportation for this dog. ______ Yes, ______No. Comment:

I understand, at times, there could be additional cost for transportation. (for a health certificate, crate, or small soft sided bag required by the airline for dogs in the cabin, airline fares and/or other fees required by airline, or other forms of transportation). I am willing to pay these extra charges or cost for transportation. _______Yes, ________ No. Comments:

I understand that available dogs maybe either a mixed breed or a purebred.

These dogs are only being described as a dogs that have various physical characteristic similar to this type of breed. _______Yes, ______No. Comments:

If the dog's breed, or bloodline is unknown, I can enjoy a dog that maybe mixed breed as much as a known purebred. _____Yes, _____ No, ____ Maybe.

Most of the dogs that are rescued are of unknown origin. The rescue will refer to all dogs as a __(..?..)___ type of dog. It is unknown if that dog might be a certain breed or mix. I understand and agree. _____Yes, ____ No. Comments:

List All Dogs you own now:
Name? Breed? Age? Health? Sex? Spay/Neuter

Personality traits of each dog?

Please, state if these pets have ever been around other pets. Did they do well with these animals? ______Yes, ______ No. Comments:

Other Pets? (names & type, etc).

Have you or any member of your family ever owned a dog? ______ Yes, _____No.
Who? How many dogs?

How long did you/they own these dogs?

Why do you/they no longer have them?

Were there any problems with those dog? Describe.

How were you able to solve the problems?

List Name: Age: Occupation: For of all members of the household.

Describe the personality of each member of the household.

Please, list people whose age or health is in question?

Allergies? To what and how are they controlled?

Why does each member of the household want to own a dog?

What is their favorite breed of dog? Why?

List how every member of the household is prepared to invest time and energy to assist care and training of this dog? List amount of time for each member.

List who will provide of the daily care this dog? Food, fresh water, treats and who will be cleaning the dogs area and things.

Who will be obtaining yearly Vet visit, shots, license, and medical care?

Residence: How long have you lived at this address?

Do you _____own or _____ rent/lease this ____ house, ____ mobile home, ____ apartment or ____ other type of dwelling?

Are there any restrictions on this property regarding animals? (If so, please, state all restrictions on property & city codes.)

Describe home and yard.

Describe location of home/neighborhood/area.

Is yard fence? _______ Yes, ________No. Describe the fence in detail.

If there is not any fencing, or if the yard is only partly fenced, or only decorative fencing, how do you plan for the dog to relieve itself?

Describe how will this be handled during bad weather. Rain? Snow? Heat?

How will this be handled, if you are ill or cannot for some other reason?

If you are without a fenced yard, do you now own an exercise pen or dog run. ______ Yes, ______ No.
Do you plan on buying an exercise pen? _____ Yes, ______ No. When? ________
Are you having a fence installed. ________Yes, ________No. When? _________
If you are not planning to do any of the above, how will your new dog will be able to exercise off lead? Describe in detail.

All FuzzyFace dogs are "Inside Dogs" but most will enjoy also going outside for short periods of time each day.

Where will the dog be kept during the day?
In afternoon?
At night?
Where will the dog sleep?

How long will the dog be alone each day?

Describe the type of personality you would like in a dog?

Duties required of this dog?

Sex & Age: Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue has found that the ratio of rescued dogs available for placement is about fifteen (15) males to every one (1) female. Many people want a female even if she is an older dog, so we have a waiting list for females.

Small dogs have a long life. A small companion dog at age nine (9) years is equal to a 55 year old human. Healthy, active, and is looking forward to playing or working for many more years before beginning an active retirement life.

At age twenty (20), a small dog's life would be similar a person 98-100 in human years. They are not nearly as active and most will have arthritis. They may have lost all or part of their vision or lost their hearing but can be very happy just being loved. We hear reports from owners their of dogs that are still living at age 22-23 years old. This is unusual for a small dog to live this long but with proper care it could be possible.

Only a very few lucky dogs will live to age 17 or more. Good veterinary care & a better grade of food may help provide the older pet a better life for more years.

Sex: ______ Male, ______ Female, ________Either. (All will be neutered or spayed.) Comments:

Age: ___1-4 years (less available), ___4-9 years, ____over 9 years, ___over 14 years, or ___any age. (Many of the dogs we rescue could live to age 18-22 with proper care & a little good luck.)

It is hard to tell the age of each dog, so we will generally refer to them as adult dogs. We may also refer to them as:
We wish to adopt a___ young adult, ___adult, ___older adult, ___senior adult or ___ age unkown.

Age is not as important as overall health & personality of the dog. _______ Yes, I agree. _________ I disagree. Comments:

Because of the unknown age of most dogs in rescue we cannot provide a true age for the dog. It is only a good guess. Is this agreeable? ______ Yes, ______ No. Comments:

Housebreaking: Most of these dogs will need additional work on house training. The new owner will need to take the dog outside for training often. The dog should be shown where the approved spot is located. (It is often helpful to place the accident in the approved place.) Praise, and forgiveness are important.
I understand and agree. ________ Yes, _________, No. Comments:
I will accept a dog who may need additional work on housebreaking. _______ Yes, ______ No. ________ Maybe, with the following conditions:

I will be able to work with training the dog and can provide a crate for short periods of time while I am away from the house if needed. If I am away for longer periods, I can arrange for someone to help in attending to the dog's needs. _______Yes, ______No, ______Maybe. Comments:

Do you have a doggy door? ______Yes, ______No. Comments:

Medical: I will accept a dog who has treatable medical problems. (Eye drops, ear drops, allergy medicine, diabetes medicine, heart medicine, epilepsy medicine, heartworm treatment, or other medicines or treatments) ______ Yes, _____ No, _____ Maybe, under the following conditions:

Abused or neglected dogs: Any of the dogs in rescue may be shy or even afraid. Most of these dogs come into rescue with an unknown history. No known human aggressive dog will be placed. I understand that the dogs from any rescue will need special understanding. I realize I will need to become aquatinted this dog's personality & special traits, which may be several weeks or even months. I will exercise additional caution and understanding. ______Yes, ______ No. Comments:

I will accept a dog that has been abused or neglected in some way. ______ Yes, _______ No, _______ Maybe, with the following conditions:

I have had additional experience or training that might be helpful in working with shy animal or people who were neglected or received some form of abuse. _______Yes, _______ No. Comment:

I understand that some of these unfortunate dogs may been shuttled from one home to another. It is to be expected that they may have lost their self-esteem, and confidence. We understand the dog will need rehabilitating to become the warm, loving companion every dog should be. We are willing to provide the additional support & understanding that might be needed. _______ Yes, _______ No, _______ Maybe, with the following conditions:

Training: All dogs need socialization & training to be the sort of companion dogs, that can become a member of the family & have a satisfactory and loving relationship as a family member.
Rescued dogs need to be educated or trained to become a canine good citizen. They need to learn simple commands. Come, sit, stay, & no.
I understand, that this dog will require training in simple obedience. _______Yes, I understand. ______No. Comments:

I will make arrangements for the training shortly after the dog is adopted. _______Yes, ______No. Comments:

Dogs & small children should be supervised at all times. I can provide supervision. _____ Yes, ______ No.

There will be other children, ages ________________that will visit in our home _____often _____ most of the time, or _____at sometime. Comments:

Do you know if these children ever been around a dog before? ________ Yes, ________ No. Was there any problem? Describe:

Do the children follow instructions? ______Yes, _____No. Comments:

Will the dog be a problem for the children? _____Yes, ______ No. Comments: (How will the problem be handled?)

Will the children ever be without adult supervision while visiting? _____Yes, ______No, _____ Maybe, under the following conditions:

I understand that I will be put on a list of people who are wishing to obtain a dog. The family that is the best match between the dog and the new home and lifestyle will be given the opportunity to obtain that dog. ______Yes, ______ No.

I understand that a contribution to the rescue will be needed to help in covering the expense of running the rescue.
I agree. ______ Yes, _______ No. Comments:

For a healthy dog, we suggest $300.00-$600.00 to cover the cost of shelter fees, Vet care, medication, shots, spay & neuter of all dogs.Plus the general operation cost of the rescue.

We need your help with the cost for Dogs with "Special Needs."

Your contributions, help us care of the injured, elderly or those dogs with other problems and special needs.

Senior Dogs & dogs with major health problems, will be available for adoption, for a token contribution, to approved homes.

I understand that when a dog is ready to be adopted, I will be required to sign an adoption contract. ________ Yes, ________ No.




_______________________________________________________ Signature,

____________________________ Date Signed.

Driver's License State and Number:



Phone number:

E-mail address:

Veterinary Services:

Clinic's Name:

Doctor's name:


Phone number:

E-mail address:

Groomer: Have you ever used a groomer before? _______ Yes, _______ No.

Grooming Shop:

Groomer's Name:


Phone number:

E-mail address:

I have done dog grooming on other dogs. _______ Yes, ________ No. Comments:

I will able to do _________daily brushing _______weekly baths, _______nail trimming, _______ear cleaning, ________or may even do some trimming of the dog's coat.

I plan to take my dogs to the groomer every _______ weeks. _____Yes, ______No. Comments:

Referred by:

Contact's Name:


Phone number:

E-mail address:

I would like to help in providing "Foster Care" for rescued dogs. ______ Yes, ______No.

I would like to know more about the transportation of rescued dogs. ______Yes _______No.

I would like to help the dogs in rescue in other ways. ______Yes, ______No. Describe:

I have special skills or services that I can donate to the rescue effort. ______Yes, _____No. Describe:

I am not able to provide help at this time, but I will be glad to tell others about Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue's dogs. ______Yes, _____No.

I would like to know more about how to support the rescue effort dogs that may not be placeable because of injury, illness or age. ______Yes, _____No.

The best time to call us is: Daytime. ____ Evening. ____ Weekend. ____

Vet Records:

Please, ask your vet, to fax copies your current or last pet's records for the last two (2) years to Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue, (817) 534-2539 fax line.

You may also attach a copies of vet records to this application. Include, shot records, check ups, dental, heartworm prevention, surgery, etc.


Please, print Questionnaire, & mail to:
BillieAnn Brady, Director
Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
Post Office Box 8799
Fort Worth, TX 76124-0799

Fax Number: (817) 534-2539

Cell Phone: (817)
Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue - FuzzyFacePets AboutMe:Generate Template HTML

Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
Fort Worth, Texas

BillieAnn Brady,
Founder - Director - Fund Raiser

I would like to talk with you, about becoming a Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue Volunteer.

At one time, Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue was one of the a largest group of foster homes, with people, covering many states. We started as a Poodle & Poodle mix rescue group. A foster home network, for non-shedding, shaggy dogs.

It was a dream come true, to get Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue up & running, as a network of people saving, small, white, non-shedding dogs.

I was one of the first, if not the first, official rescuer, of the Bichon Frise in the USA.

I now need to retire.

Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue rescues the Bichon, Maltese, Poodle look-a-likes, out of many city animal control/dog pounds. In the beginning, we were very actice accross many of the eastern & norther USA states. There were not many Bichons available to be rescued. There was not many rescue groups for Poodle, Maltese or Benji types, any where in the USA.

We were amoung the first to rescue out of many puppy mill dogs, from MO Puppy Mills.

We have rescued dirty- shaggy dogs, that were Bichons, Benji, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Poodles, PONs, Schnauzers, Shih Tzus, Tebitian Terriers, Terriers, Yorkies, and many other pure breed or mixed breed shaggy dogs.

I also started many e-mail networks, to help others get started. you will find many dog & cat rescue groups on Yahoogroups dot com, that were started by the Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue Group.

Using the google search, you will find many links with information about Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue.


Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue is one of the oldest rescue groups, for small shaggy dogs, on line. We have been able to help many animals in need.

I am truly blessed, to have been able to to share a little bit of my time, & most of my heart, with the Fuzzy Faces I have rescued and placed in loving homes.

We need your help & support, as foster homes, transport drivers, and contributions, to fund the group, that will be the New Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue Group.

Volunteers and Foster Homes are Needed!

Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue needs more people, more volunteers, to provide short term care for the rescued dogs in foster homes. It is easy. You will enjoy discovering just what a cute little dog you can find under all that dirt. It is a great feeling, to know you have help to save the lives of such sweet dogs. Now, your rescued dog is safe and happy, living in its new home, with the new family.

(I love stories with happy endings.)

This Maltese & His New Mommy are Ready to Leave, for his New Home.

Volunteer Today.

Call me at the law office, after 3:00 pm and before 5:00 pm Central Standard Time, Monday - Friday. 817-534-2599.
Our fax number is: 817-534-2539

Billieann Brady
Fuzzy Face Pets, Inc.
Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
4910 East Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76103

Texas Sales Tax Number for Resale: 12023129807 ....

Donations of towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, dog food, are needed by all rescue groups.

Special contributions, for Vet Care are always welcome. When a Dog has been injured, our vet bills can be quite high.

Special Needs Contributions

Contributions for Special Needs Vet Care can be mailed to either the vet or to Fuzzy Face:

Dr. Russ Hagan, D.V.M.
Meadowbrook Corners Animal Clinic.
"Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue - Special Need Fund"
8650 Meadowbrook Blvd., Unit C
Fort Worth, TX 76120

Contribuions for the "Fuzzy Face Fund" can be mailed to:

Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
BillieAnn Brady
Post Office Box 8799
Fort Worth, TX 76124-0799

Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue ( can recieve Contributions for the "Fuzzy Face Pet RescueFund" through PayPal. The e-mail address to use when sending contributions to Fuzzy Face is

PayPal makes it easy to send money by email to Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue Just use the e-mail address ( from your PayPal account.

Thank you, for helping all those at Fuzzy Face at our rescue!
With our warmest regards,
From all the animals at Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
BillieAnn Brady - Fund Raiser

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Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
Post Office Box 8799
Fort Worth, TX 76124-0799
Law Office: 817-534-2599 Best time to call is between 3:00pm & 5:00pm CTS (recorder after hours.)

Cell Phone:817-713-0779

Fax: 817-534-2539


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