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Our Face Against Puppy Mills

Rainbow Diamond

Meet our darling Rainbow. She is our face representing our continuing efforts to stop puppy mills. Rainbow came to us from an animal cruelty seizure from just such a facility. She had been forced to bear puppies with severe back injuries and constant pain. With the love of very devoted DDRTX volunteers and the prays of MANY others along with contributions for her expenses, Rainbow now enjoys a wonderful, pain free life.

Rainbow's Story

Rainbow has a special treat for you. Every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m Central, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, she hosts "Rainbow's Rescue Romp". Check out her program on MomTV.com: Visit Rainbow's Rescue Romp

Support "Zero Population"

Don't support puppy mills by purchasing dogs or puppies

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Many rescuers, organizations and private individuals are diligently and steadfastly trying to raise public awareness to "the truths about" and "the realities of" Puppy Mills. The following website, The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, is dedicated to just such truths and realities. We strongly urge you to take a few minutes and explore it. PLEASE, share what you see with others who are unaware. Help us in stopping the mistreatment of countless dogs. The best defense against animal cruelty is KNOWLEDGE!

Please Do Not Buy Puppies From A Pet Store
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You can now find us on Facebook Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas. Lots of fun and up to the date events and functions that we are involved with. Stop by and say Hi, look at some of our pictures and come back often.

Let's talk about US!

Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas is an all volunteer group in the heart of Texas that is dedicated to the health, welfare and happiness of our dachshund friends. We are based in Kerrville, Texas and have volunteers throughout San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. We must rely heavily on donations and contributions, which are a necessity in order to continue to be able to pay the costs of health care, administrative needs, and other required expenses for each of our dachshunds. Diamond Dachshund Rescue is operated by Christine McEntyre, Executive Director, in Kerrville, Texas. Christine has been fostering and rescuing dachshunds in the State of Texas since 1998. Christine helped to co-found Central Texas Dachshund Rescue and is affiliated with Almost Home Dachshund Rescue, Responsible Pet Owners Alliance in San Antonio, the Humane Society of Kerrville and the Hill Country SPCA in Fredericksburg. Christine has rescued, rehabilitated and placed approximately one hundred dachshunds each year. That's a lot of happy, healthy dogs and equally happy families! Christine is very particular and adamant that each dog find the right home for it's individual personality and needs, so that the placement is permanent and both the dogs and the humans who adopt them, are equally happy.

DDRTX assists in emergencies and disasters across the great State of Texas. In addition to that, we work with numerous shelters and other rescue organizations as well as owner surrenders during the year.

Do We Have A New Friend For You?

Yes! We Have All Kinds of New Companions to Adopt

First step is to look at the photos and read the bios for all the wonderful dachshunds we have in our program. Then fill out the adoption application form for consideration as a potential home. Second step will be for us to have a volunteer contact you to set up a convenient time for a home visit to ensure the safety, security and health of the potential adopted dog. Third step is that we will meet and introduce you, your family, and your current pets, to several of the available dogs to see which of our precious souls chooses your home and family to adopt!

And remember, the two most precious words any rescue dachshund will ever hear are


Currently, we are only accepting applications for adoptions and foster homes within Texas. Thanks!

Come Visit Us!

We're Waiting For You

Since we are an all volunteer organization, we do not have a shelter facility where you can view our wonderful rescue dachshunds. You can see all their pictures and read their biogrphies on our website. We welcome and encourage you to visit us there, learn more about us, our program, our volunteers, and more about this breed. Please fill out an online adoption application on our website for any dog you see on Petfinder.com! DDRTX.org

Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas
P.O. Box 17736
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Phone: 830-367-5741


Email: ddrtxinfo@gmail.com
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