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Dog & Kitty City Shelter

2719 Manor Way

Dallas, TX 75235


Open daily 11:45-4:45.
Closed holidays.

 Our Adoptable Cats on Petfinder
 Our Adoptable Dogs on Petfinder

Our Adoptable Cats
 Our Adoptable Cats
Our Adoptable Dogs
 Our Adoptable Dogs
Our Successful Adoptions
 Our Successful Adoptions

The Humane Society of Dallas County has been a rescue organization since its inception in 1975. In 1987, we established Dallas' first no-kill animal shelter, Dog & Kitty City.


Our goal is to place healthy and rehabilitated animals into loving and responsible homes. We spay or neuter all our animals before adoptions, as this policy will help decrease animal over-population. We test all our cats for FeLV and FIV, and our dogs are treated for heartworms. Both are treated for parasites. All necessary vaccinations and medication are given as required.


In addition to our adoption services, we also function partly as a sanctuary by taking in difficult to place animals, older animals, feral animals, and FIV and FeLV positive cats.


Dog & Kitty City relies completely on donations from individuals and corporations. If you are interested, there are many ways in which you can help us. We are a non-profit 501.c3 organization, which means that all donations are tax deductible. Our service to the animals depends completely on the generosity of the community and our dedicated volunteers. For more information, visit our website at


We are able to help homeless animals only through the continued support from people like you. If you are interested in making a donation to help us continue to provide assistance for homeless pets, please click the PayPal button below.


Our mission has always been to make life better for animals by:

  • Rescuing and ministering to the indigent animal population.
  • Providing shelter, love and medical care for all of our animals until they find a loving home.
  • Promoting responsible pet ownership.
  • Providing on-going adoption support services to ensure a lifetime commitment from pet owners.
  • Eliminating animal cruelty through education.
  • Helping to reduce animal over-population with low-cost spay/neuter referral programs.
  • Fostering a respect for all living creatures.

Animals are available for adoption from the shelter, as well as off-site locations on weekends. We have a thorough application and reference check policy, and many knowledgeable volunteers who can help you find a pet that is best suited for your lifestyle.


 Our Adoptable Cats      Our Adoptable Dogs


Go to our website for more information on adoptions.

Dog & Kitty City deals primarily with the homeless animals of Dallas and strives to be an integral part of a great city where all life is valued and cared for. If you have an animal who needs help, we accept them on a space available basis by appointment only. We must also require a surrender fee. If we are full at the shelter but we accept your animal into our foster program with you as the foster parent, we will support you in every way including paying for the costs of medical, food, and sterilization of the animal. We encourage you to attend our Adopt-A-Pets with the animals and post a picture and bio of the animal on our website.


If you love dogs and cats, we offer plenty of opportunities for you to express this love through our volunteer program. If you long to be around animals, you may be interested in the following:

  • Socializers: Cat or dog socializer.
  • Adoptions: Adoption counselor, adopt-a-pet assistant, cat condo helper, adoption inspector, foster parent.
  • General office: Shelter assistant, shelter greeter.
  • Fundraising: Special events coordinator and committee members, special mailing campaigns, grant writer.
  • Communications: Webmeister and web assistant, public relations person, photographer.

Go to our website for detailed descriptions of all volunteer opportunities.


You can help the animals at our shelter with cash donations, online donations, in-kind donations, or through donation programs.


The Guardian Angel Program is available to individuals and businesses through monthly or annual tax deductible donations which help defray the costs of caring for certain animals until they can be adopted. This program is specifically designed for those animals who are "difficult to adopt". Examples of "difficult to adopt" animals include:

  • Those animals severely injured upon arrival who need expensive medical care and treatment;
  • Those animals who are older;
  • Our AIDS and Leukemia cats;
  • Physically disabled animals.
Become a guardian angel!



Mailing address:

Dog & Kitty City

2719 Manor Way

Dallas, Texas 75235


Phone: 214-350-7387


Email addresses:

Site feedback:


Hours of operation: Daily from 11:45 until 4:45. Closed holidays.


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Dog & Kitty City Shelter is located at 2719 Manor Way in Dallas, between Mockingbird Lane and Inwood Road at the intersection of Denton Drive and Manor Way near Love Field Airport.


Dog & Kitty City
2719 Manor Way
Dallas, TX 75235



 Our Adoptable Cats on Petfinder
 Our Adoptable Dogs on Petfinder

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