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Canadian Catahoulas Jed and Sky, showing support for their Texas brethren.

Zurie, formerly known as Alfie, is home with her family at last!

Heidi was adopted in early September. Her new mom, Donna, saw her on petfinder.com and knew she was the one. New dad Les couldn't be happier.

Lucky Rudy, he was adopted by his foster family, Michelle, Troy and Phoebe. It's hard to pass Foster 101 ...

Diva-In-Training Roxie Miss Moxie was adopted by Deana Provost and Darryl Gilbert at the end of July after she was spayed at Emancipet. Deana says, "I couldn't imagine a better dog than Roxie. It is like she was made for us." How's that for a happy ending?

Katie, (pictured left), was Lone Star's very first rescue, in October of 2004. Katie was running out of time in Bay City, Texas, but was saved by some wonderful volunteers who saw something special in her. Katie and her "sister" Crystal belong to Scott McKissack of Austin. Katie, Crystal and Scott travel back and forth from Austin to the McKissack ranch near Uvalde every week, where Scott is the ranch foreman. What a great life for a couple of Catahoulas!

Bella, seen here relaxing by the fireplace at her new home in May. Bella was rescued from Denton Animal Services and was adopted by Donna Handell and Tom Pitcock of Austin. She shares her people with "Animal", a Lab/Catahoula mix.

Yoli was adopted in May by Kristen and Todd. Kristen is the owner of DOG CAMP, a boarding facility outside Austin. Yoli boarded at Dog Camp and while she was there, Kristen fell in love and decided to make Yoli part of her own family. Yoli goes to work with "Mom" every day and loves her new nine year-old Dalmation brother, Jaime. Lone Star is lucky to have Dog Camp's support, and Yoli couldn't have found a better home.

Phoebe was adopted in late February and lives with her new mom in Austin. They enjoy running the greenbelt and hike and bike trails and hanging out at Jo's Coffee Shop on South Congress with all the other cool dogs. Thanks to Sue Allison for taking such good care of Phoebe while she was awaiting her forever home!

Who We Are

Lone Star Catahoula Rescue is dedicated to helping Catahoulas and Catahoula mixes in need. We believe humane education is the key to ending aimal suffering, and are passionate, committed advocates of spaying and neutering. We focus on partnering with animal shelters and humane societies throughout Texas to help match Catahoulas in need with permanent, loving homes, and reducing euthanasia of adoptable dogs.

Adopting a friend

Want to adopt a new companion Catahoula from Lone Star? First, research the Catahoula breed to make sure a Catahoula is right for you. Do you have an active lifestyle? Most Catahoulas require at least an hour a day of exercise. Do you plan to spend a lot of time with your new pal? Catahoulas like to spend time with their people, and become bored and destructive if left alone in the backyard. If you're wanting to adopt a puppy, are you able to accommodate the puppy's schedule in regards to house training, obedience training and socialization? If you're ready to make the commitment, contact us at adopt@lonestarcatahoularescue.org or 512.413.2901 and tell us you'd like an adoption application. We can e-mail you or mail an application to your home address. Once we receive your completed application, we'll contact you to try to match you with one of our Catahoulas. ALL dogs and puppies in the Lone Star Catahoula rescue program are spayed or neutered before placement, and are up-to-date on required vaccinations, micro-chipped, tested for heartworms and on heartworm preventative. Each dog has been assessed for adoptability before going into the Lone Star rescue program.

Come Visit Us!

Lone Star Catahoula Rescue dogs and pups live in foster homes until adoption. We will arrange for you to meet your new companion before adoption.
Lone Star Catahoula Rescue
P. O. Box 1438
Austin, Texas 78767

Phone: 512.413.2901

Email: info@lonestarcatahoularescue.org

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