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The New Rowlett Animal Shelter opened in 1997 and serves the community which surrounds it. The animal shelter has since implemented several new programs which include animal adoptions, veterinarian care, spay/neuter, and volunteer programs. The shelter also provides educational programs to the community schools, childcare facilities, as well as the City Departments. We hope to begin working also with the Rowlett Public Library to bring animals for the youngsters at Storytime. Adoptions are open to residents of any area. The shelter is also happy to announce that we have low-cost spay/neuter coupons. Call or come by the shelter for more information. The shelter now has a new auto attendant to help with shelter information such as, location and hours of operation, adoption fees, how to register your pet by mail and even an option to speak with a staff member. Be sure to listen carefully to the options available to ensure you get the proper information.

Donations Needed!!

The Shelter always needs your old newspapers for the kitties, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, cat & dog treats, cat toys, dog toys (especially the long lasting chew kind), liquid or paste vitamins for dogs and cats, KMR, Just Born, or Goats Milk (for the babies), and grooming supplies. We will take any kind of dog food with the exception of Ol' Roy, but we prefer Purina Brands to keep it consistent.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics

The Rowlett Animal Shelter hosts a LOW COST vaccination clinic to the public every month on the third Saturday of the month. Price lists are available at the shelter as well as online at just look under the special events on the Animal Services page.

Friends of Rowlett Animals

Friends of the Rowlett Animal Shelter is an organization formed to support the Rowlett Animal Shelter in its goals and objectives. Think of it as a "booster club" for the shelter. Membership provides an opportunity to serve the Rowlett and surrounding communities and animals at the shelter. No membership fees required, you must be an interested person age 18 or older, OR have a parent or guardian volunteer with you. You may apply online at:


All dogs and cats at the Rowlett Shelter have an adoption package of $75 that includes their annual vaccinations, sterilization, Revolution, heartworm test for dogs or an FeLV/FIV test for cats, and a microchip.

The adoption fees:
$75.00 ($55.00 Seniors 60 and over) for animals who have been sterilized by the shelter
$25.00 ($5.00 Seniors 60 and over) for animals that have been sterilized prior to being brought in
A $5 City Registration for Rowlett residents will be added to the adoption fee

If you are a rescue group interested in rescuing one of Rowlett's shelter animals, you'll need to be a 501c3, and have paperwork on file with the shelter. There is no pull fee.


Rowlett Animal Shelter is at 4402 Industrial Street, Rowlett, Tx 75088, behind Applebee's. We are just south of Hwy 66 on Industrial St between 190 GBT Service Road and Rowlett Road.

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00-5:00pm

Rowlett Animal Shelter
4402 Industrial St.
Rowlett TX 75088
Phone: 972-412-6219
Fax: 972-412-6297
Email: Shelter Manager
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Friends of Rowlett Animals

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