Greenville Animal Control Shelter

Receiving: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Adoptions: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Hi! My name is Nikki and I am on the upper left. I am listed as a German shorthair pointer mix. Probably more mix than pointer. I am an adult, outgoing, friendly and ready for someone to take me home. The funny fellow on the upper right is a border collie/heeler mix pup. He is lively, alert and friendly. His sister is peeking out from behind him. The little man in the middle right is an adult chihuahua mix. He is active, friendly and ready for a new home. The fellow on the bottom right peering around the cage is Toby. He is an adult Yorkshire terrier mix. He is lively, friendly and looking eagerly for a new home. He was released because of his owners health. The lady with the big ears on the bottom left is an adult German shepherd mix. She is active, attentive and friendly. There are a lot of others here. There are three lab/shepherd mix pups, four female Australian cattle dog mix pups, and five lab/hound mix pups. There are a several young lab mixes. A couple more adult chihuahua mixes, a couple of Rottweiler mixes, a Siberian husky mix, a blue heeler mix, some lab mixes, another German shepherd mix and some Staffordshire terrier mixes. There is an energetic lab/terrier mix named Dobie, a collie mix named Sam and a chow mix named Big Foot. There is a Rottweiler/lab mix named Sage and a senior rat terrier mix that are spayed and can be adopted for $15.50 each. There are a whole bunch of kittens and some cats. There are even a couple of Guinea pigs named Elvis and Priscilla. We can't promise that we will be here because we are very eager for new homes and our time is limited by the space available. However, there are always more coming in to take our place so please come check out whoever is here and take home a new friend.

Adoption Fees

Adult Dog Adoption Fee $15.00 Adult Cat Adoption Fee $7.50
Puppy Adoption Fee $7.00 Kitten Adoption Fee $5.00
Dog/Puppy Spay $60.00 Cat/Kitten Spay $35.00
Dog/Puppy Neuter $40.00 Cat/Kitten Neuter $20.00
Rabies shot required on all animals over 3 months $8.00 with adoption or reclaim only
Total Price Adult Male Dog (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $63.00
Total Price Adult Female Dog (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $83.00
Total Price Puppy Male (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $55.00
Total Price Puppy Female (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $75.00
Total Price Adult Male Cat (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $35.50
Total Price Adult Female Cat (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $50.50
Total Price Male Kitten (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $33.00
Total Price Female Kitten (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $48.00

All adopted animals are required to be sterilized and receive a rabies shot by Texas State Law.

Greenville Animal Control Shelter
5800 Joe Ramsey Blvd.
Greenville, TX 75402
Phone: 903-457-2990

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