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Hi! Welcome! When we know better, we do better! Let's educate ourselves and others every day about the ways to make the world a better place for the animals we love. Please take advantage of any of the wonderful videos Petfinder provides!

Who We Are

We are volunteers dedicated to the health and welfare of the South African Boerboel. Our mission is: To take in stray, abandoned, or surrendered Boerboels and provide them with foster care, behavior screening, rehabilitation, and health care. Our ultimate goal, of course, is to place them in loving forever homes To educate the public about the nature and behavior of the Boerboel, and the duties inherent in being a responsible pet owner, which include spaying and neutering all companion animals To answer questions and help families decide if a Boerboel is right for their home. We are happy to talk with people researching the breed and share our experiences and knowledge.

Adopting a friend

Adoption procedures are like any other shelter or rescue group. Your completion of a family profile form helps us determine if we have a dog that is a good fit for your home. Adoptions are not on a first-come basis but are determined by the right family for the right dog.

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The dogs are fostered by volunteers and each foster will answer questions about the dog in his/her care.
Boerboel Rescue
P.O. Box 967

Simonton, TX 77476
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