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Country Paws Rescue Shelter & Sanctuary
22271 Kmiec Rd., Hempstead, TX 77445
We are a 501 ( c ) 3, Non-Profit Corporation
***** All Donations Are Tax Deductible
If you would like to volunteer, please Email us at, for information.

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Days and Places You Can Visit Us
Please call to make an appointment to see our adoptable animals. We are continually updating our website with new animals but they may not all be listed.


Who We Are

COUNTRY PAWS RESCUE, Inc. A little about us……..
Country Paws Rescue began in 1999 and is located in Hempstead, Texas. We rescue abandoned, dumped, abused, neglected, handicapped, sick and otherwise unwanted animals.
The need in our area is great as there are no city or county facilities for animals and nothing planned in the near future. Animals are dumped and abandoned at an exceedingly high rate and have nowhere to go other than to be hit by cars, shot, starved, or some other unfortunate and painful death.
Country Paws Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill, non-profit shelter and a registered 501 ( c ) (3) corporation. We currently house and care for more than 150 unwanted animals. The out-of-pocket costs to us for feeding, vetting and housing is enormous. Our only means of caring for the animals is through private donations - the generosity, kindness and support of individuals for donations and assistance in operating our shelter.
We feed more than 250 pounds of dry dog food daily and this does not include puppy, cat or kitten food or food for special needs animals.
Rescued animals live at our shelter until loving, caring, “forever” homes are found. We carefully screen applicants and match people with pets so that a strong, loving bond is made. We do everything possible to make sure that the animals are placed in homes where they will live out their natural lives with love, happiness, respect and security.
Our Mission and Goal is to alleviate suffering, educate the public on the responsible care of pets and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the great need for SPAYING AND NEUTERING. We live in a throw away society and ONLY 1 in 10 pets is lucky enough to find a home for life. Homeless animals are put to death by the thousands in local shelters - do what you can to help stop the needless killing and spread the word - “Spay & Neuter Your Pets Before They Turn 6 Months Old.”
So, if you have a conscience, stop the killing by spaying and neutering your pets and please - give a home to or at least feed a starving stray animal. They deserve at least that much kindness before (most) of them are killed or die. These animals are innocents and they do not ask to be born into this overcrowded world, let’s help protect them.
(We need and accept all donations of food, money, and other general supplies: (i.e. - bleach, paper towels, blankets, sheets, towels, dog houses, dog and cat toys and treats, kennel and pen building materials, etc.) We also need volunteers willing to donate time and love to help the animals.
For Information, Contact:
Lisa Jones - (979) 826-9996
Country Paws Rescue, Inc.
Hempstead, TX 77445
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Website -

Adopting a Friend

Fill out our adoption form on our web site

If you are interested in adopting one of our babies or would like additional information about our shelter, please call us at (979)826-9996 or email us at (Please, no calls before 8:00am or after 7:00pm)
We will send you an adoption application/contract. We do verify all information.
Our adoption donations are $85.00 for cats, and $125.00 and up for dogs. This donation includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, wormings, h/w testing (dogs) Felv/FIV testing (cats) heartworm preventative (dogs) and Flea treatment.

Our Shelter Wish List

Help us give homeless, abandoned, dumped, unwanted, neglected and abused animals a 2nd chance to live - please make a donation to our shelter and help our cause.

  1. 10 lb. Bag of $100 bills
  2. Dog houses
  3. Cat climbing/sleeping furniture
  4. Cat & dog, puppy & kitten food (dry & canned)
  5. Dog crates (cages) & crate pads
  6. Cat litter
  7. Dog & cat carriers (all sizes)
  8. Dog & cat beds
  9. Toys (dog, cat, puppy, kitten)
  10. Dog & cat food/water bowls (all sizes)
  11. Dog collars (sizes 12 - 24) and leashes (6 foot) 12
  12. Dog chew toys (rawhide, pig ears, nylabones, etc.)
  13. Towels, sheets & blankets (for winter)
  14. Plastic trash bags
  15. Paper towels
  16. Cotton balls, q-tips, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
  17. Misc. medical supplies (I.e.: ear cleaners, antibiotics, vitamin/mineral supplements, etc.)
  18. Bleach/cleaning & disinfecting supplies & cleaning rags/sponges
  19. Grooming tools (I.e.: electric trimmers, brushes, combs, nail clippers, etc.)
  20. Cat litter boxes
  21. Newspaper
  22. Flea treatment products (I.e.: Advantage, Frontline, Program, Adams flea spray & dip, etc.)
  23. Dog & cat shampoos
  24. Volunteers to help at shelter
  25. Cash donations to assist with spaying or neutering, veterinary costs and other out of pocket expenses
  26. Caring individuals to sponsor heartworm treatments, spays & neuters or veterinary costs for injured or sick rescued animals
  27. Become a foster home for a needy dog or cat
  28. Building/fencing materials
  29. Concrete stepping stones
  30. Wooden pallets
  31. Gravel and dirt

Volunteering and Donations

We are a 501(c)(3)- non-profit organization and we always need monetary donations. We are a private shelter and receive no county, city or grant monies.
We also need volunteers to love, socialize and play/interact with the animals; foster homes; and donations of good quality food (dog, cat, kitten and puppy), cat litter, dog and cat toys, dog and cat beds, dog & cat collars & leashes, litter boxes, dog bones and chew toys.
The more help we have, the more animal lives we can save.

Come Visit Us!

We would love to have you visit us, just please call first. Our shelter is privately owned and we accept visitors by appointment only. We are in Hempstead, Texas - approximately 50 miles west of Houston and 45 miles (southish) of Bryan/College Station.
You can also help us by requesting a Kroger Card. When you use our specially marked Kroger Card, Krogers will donate 1% of your purchase to help feed our animals.

Country Paws Rescue & Adoption Shelter-Sanctuary
Lisa & Al Jones
22271 Kmiec Rd.
Hempstead,TX 77445
Phone: (979)826-9996

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