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Poodle Rescue of North Texas was incorporated and began operations in July 2002 as a not-for-profit entity under the laws of the state of Texas. Its purpose is to prevent cruelty to poodles in the North Texas area, by providing shelter, sustenance and essential health care, including spay and neuter services, as needed. Once the dogs have been sufficiently rehabilitated, most will be adopted by new families and re-homed. Although this goal cannot always be met because of funding or space availability, or the condition of the dog, every effort is made to accomplish this purpose. The organization qualifies as a publicly supported charity, under U.S. Treasury Regulations Section 501(c)(3). Contributions to it are deductible to the extent allowed by Federal Income Tax law.

This rescue program has grown out of the efforts made by Lone Star Poodle Club and specifically through the dedication of Sandy McKinley to establish a rescue effort for purebred poodles. No one expected the need to be so great when the plan was put into action about eight years ago. Since that time, several years have had more than 100 rescues.

Many devoted people help make each rescue happen-the groomer, the veterinary staff from bathers to receptionist to vet techs to vet-the animal control personnel-the foster homes-and the public who provides the permanent home and the most important contribution-LOVE.

Poodle Rescue of North Texas

Dallas, TX 75229
Phone: 214-350-4740

Email: truffle4@aol.com
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