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Located in Mineola, TX and founded in 2003, APET/SPCA is a certified 501© (3) non-profit Texas corporation run solely by volunteers. Local and state governments help fund APET/SPCA programs and its future animal shelter. Other APET/SPCA donations come from local organizations, foundations, and private citizens.

APET/SPCA mission: Reduce animal suffering in Wood County by:
  • Raising funding for construction of the Wood County APET/SPCA shelter
  • Reducing unwanted & abandoned animals through APET/SPCA low-cost spay and neutering services to Wood County pet owners.

  • In 2007 we rescued over 200 dogs and placed them in adoptive homes and since 2006 we have spayed and neutered 2300+ animals.


    Animal Preservation of East Texas offers “Low Cost” Pet Spay & Neuter. Protect your animal or help that dropped off stray avoid adding to the unwanted pet population in Wood County and surrounding areas.

    For information please call 903-569-0505 or 903-365-7521.

    Suggested Donation: Dogs $30.00 female; $40.00 male
    Suggested Donation: Cats $20.00 female; $30.00 male
    *Price includes excellent surgical protocol, Pain Med, De-flea and a rabies shot!

    Our Most Recent Event

    Saturday, September 21 was the APET SPCA/Winnsboro Veterinary Medical Center sponsored Low Cost Vaccination and Micro Chip clinic in Winnsboro. The weather was fabulous and the location at the Winnsboro Fire Dept was absolutely perfect for the event.

    129 dogs and 38 cats turned out to get rabies, distemper, kennel cough and leukemia shots. We also provided heartworm testing as well as a micro chip product that is used for identification. A total of 295 vaccinations were given between the hours of 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Rena Purcell of the Winnsboro Animal Shelter offered the city animal license for $5.

    Dr. Matt Gerdes of Winnsboro Veterinary Medical Center and his technicians: Amy Blystone, Sarah Cole and Susan Shirley were on hand and worked like a well oiled precision team administering shots one right after the other. There were a few tears, a little screaming but for the most part the process was not too painful. Debbie Sewell was behind the scenes and prepared a lot of the paperwork and advertising display.

    A team of 11 APET volunteers were on duty to set up the area, get pets registered, payments processed and to keep the line moving smoothly. We also did clean up detail. The day progressed without a hitch until a pet carrier with 4 kitties in it broke. The kitties quickly escaped and scattered in several different directions. About 20 people gave chase and we finally rounded up all four of the rascally little creatures. The last kitty to be rescued was hiding under a fire truck but she was rescued by two volunteer firemen who jumped in to help.

    The purpose of the event was to make health vaccinations available in an affordable, easy access manner. APET promotes the health and welfare of animals in our area by way of the low cost spay and neuter program as well as events such as the vaccination clinic. APET would like to thank Winnsboro Veterinary Medical Center and Winnsboro Volunteer Fire Department for helping to make this day such a huge success.

    Animal Preservation of East Texas A. -- P.E.T.
    PO Box 381

    Mineola, TX 75773
    Phone: (903)569-0505

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