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MUKUY AND HER BABIES--Picaro, Rima, Huckleberry and Finnegan! All guaranteed to be reincarnations of Tibetan lamas and famous Egyptian temple cats.


Who We Are

'Grimalkin' (grey + malkin) in Old English means 'grey cat' or 'old cat'. Of course our cats aren't all grey, nor are most of them old, but Grimalkin Rescue specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of adult cats, mostly from kill shelters in the Austin area. We are a small group of dedicated rescuers and foster guardians; some of us have a dozen or more foster cats and some just one or two. Our cats sometimes come to us sick or injured, and we devote great personal time and resources to giving them the best medical care and returning them to health and well-being. Most of these cats have been rescued from the Austin municipal shelter--Town Lake Animal Center. Some were abandoned for a variety of excuses, the most common one being "moving", and some were brought in as strays. All have been in foster homes long enough for us to know they are wonderful, sweet, well-behaved, and well-adjusted cats who will make loving long-term companions for deserving humans. They are all healthy, spayed or neutered (or soon will be), and current on vaccinations, and have been recently tested and found negative for feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline AIDS (FIV). Can you open your heart and your home to one of these gentle Fur Persons?

Adopting a friend

If you see a kitty here that you like, please contact us at the email address or phone number included with each description, or call the number below, and we will both share some information. If we then proceed with the Adoption process, we will email you an Adoption Application which you may fill out and return. Thereafter, we will arrange for you to meet the kitty.

Come Visit Us!

We will be happy to provide you directions to our location as the Adoption process proceeds! We are located in central Austin, Texas, with easy access from everywhere.


Grimalkin Rescue takes the vast majority of our cats from local kill shelters (rather than directly from the public), where many--with exceptions--have been surrendered by people who have not assumed the proper responsibility of pet ownership. 'Proper responsibility' means simply that PETS ARE FAMILY. If you also feel this way about pets and would like some help and support in an effort to *keep* your cat in the face of difficulties with allergies, landlords, dogs, bad behavior, new babies, uncooperative housemates/ lovers/spouses, moving to another state, etc., then please contact us and we'll do our best to get you some info and resources and help you strategize on your cat's behalf. If you really are in a bad corner (moving to Tibet, genuinely homeless, severely allergic, too ill to care for a pet, etc.) and contact us hoping we will take your cat, please be prepared to: (1) sincerely help us to understand that our taking your cat represents a smaller total hardship in the world than your keeping your cat (you might be right but we'll need to talk about it); (2) have her/him tested for FIV and FeLV, as we cannot place cats of uncertain or positive status with our negative cats; (3) make a reasonable donation toward upkeep of your cat while s/he is in our care, based on a likely length of stay. We cannot promise to accept your cat even if these terms are met; rescue households are usually in a state of precarious balance, and one new cat can turn things upside down. We are not a hospice or sanctuary, and we receive cats with the intention of finding them an excellent new home. If you have found a homeless cat that you cannot keep, we still want you to consider the relative hardship issue and the donation. If we agree to proceed with rescue we will require that the cat first be proven negative for FeLV and FIV. Please understand that we--as do most rescuers--have far more cats than most people ever imagine having, and we care well for them with very limited space and resources, giving hours every day and a lot of our hard-earned money toward their upkeep. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate our position.
If you, or anyone you know, might like to foster a cat for us in the future, please let us know. New foster homes are the lifeblood of rescue.

Phone: 512-220-6912

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