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Cody has been adopted! We are currently closed to further intake due to the care of a family member. However, we know of lots of available dogs in our area who are listed at other Petfinder sites such as Metroport Humane Society, and Homeward Bound, Take a look at either of these groups' listings, or go to the main page for Petfinder, and make a search for adoptable pets in our area. You can search by breed, age, and zip code. Thank you for considering the adoption of a rescue pet! Without adopters there would be no adopted pets!!! Help us save more lives by continuing to support rescue efforts!

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Who We Are

Fireplug Rescue is a limited rescue effort that works almost exclusively with dogs - so we named ourselves Fireplug Rescue. We believe that given the right opportunity, most dogs can lead safe and happy lives that will benefit the lives of their owners. It is also believed that birth control in the pet population by euthanasia must be stopped, and that the only way to do this is to spay and neuter pets. Therefore, all pets offered for adoption through Fireplug Rescue are spayed and neutered prior to adoption. The only exception is when the current health condition of the pet causes the delay of spaying and neutering surgery. In these rare cases, the adopter will sign a spaying and neutering agreement prior to adoption.

Stray Dogs, Owner Surrendered Dogs and Courtesy Listings

Fireplug Rescue does not accept found (stray) pets and those who are being given up by their owners. We are a very small rescue operation that is currently closed to intake due to the care of our human family. If you adopted a dog from Fireplug Recue, and can no longer keep your dog, we can help you look for a new home for your adopted dog while he stays in your home. Ask us how. Fireplug Rescue has listed dogs for other rescuers and rescue groups as a courtesy over the past few years. If you adopted a dog from one of these rescue groups whose dog we listed on our site as a courtesy, please contact that rescue group for additional resources related to your adopted dog. Fireplug Rescue holds no responsibilityf or these dogs that were listed as a courtesy for other rescuers. Please refer to your adoption contract for the name and contact number of your rescuer, or contact us and we can work to assist you in getting in touch with the rescue group whose dog (or cat) we listed as a courtesy. Although we no longer provide courtesy listings for other rescue groups, we still work with other rescuers to help find suitable adoptive dogs. If you do not find a particular dog to adopt on our site, please go to (Metrport Humane Society), or (Homeward Bound Animal Rescue), for a more complete listing of adoptable pets in a variety of rescue and shelter settings.

Adopting a friend

All pets are offered for adoption through an application process. The adoption fee ranges from $85 - $200 for dogs and includes basic medical medical care listed below. Some of our animals receive much more care than others, because of their medical conditions when they come into our program. The adoption fee for dogs and puppies includes these basic services: spaying/neutering, vet visit before adoption, worming, heartworm testing (for dogs over 6 months old), application of heartworm and flea preventative medicine, collar, leash, rescue ID tag, and all vaccinations including distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, bordetella and rabies. Fireplug Rescue reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any pet for any reason. Because Fireplug Rescue pets are in private homes and have been examined by a vet prior to adoption, we usually have a pretty good idea about the health and overall condition of the pet. We will do our best to communicate our understanding about the pet's health and condition prior to adoption.

Let Us Come Visit You

Our pets are living in private homes, not shelters. Because of this, we can often bring the pet to you for the first meeting. Home visits allow us to see the pet interact in the new environment and meet the other pets in the family. We can all get a better idea how the pet might accept the new setting.
Fireplug Rescue
Keller, TX 76244
Phone: 817/656-2800

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