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It is the goal of CTDR to successfully rehabilitate and re-home all of the Dachshunds we rescue. However, occasionally we do take in dogs that, because of their health, are deemed unadoptable. It is then that we find ourselves in a position where our only option is to keep these dogs as comfortable as possible for the remainder of their lives. We try our best to shower these dogs with all of the love that we have and to pamper them as much as possible during the final days of their lives.


Guidelines For Adopting From CTDR

A completed adoption application is required, including the name and number of your current veterinarian and landlord, if applicable. We will contact your current vet, landlord and personal references, if needed. A home visit will also be required. Do not apply for a dog to give as a gift or to use as a hunting dog. CTDR does not adopt to homes where a pet has been abandoned in the past, where pets have not been kept up-to-date on their vaccinations and heartworm prevention, or where there are currently unsterilized adult dogs or cats in the home.

We welcome those applicants who reside outside of the State of Texas. However, with the exception of those states immediately surrounding Texas, we do ask that you either fly or drive down to meet and adopt your new dog. If you agree to this policy, please proceed with the adoption process.

Homes with fenced yards are strongly preferred, but exceptions are made based on the size, age, and activity level of the dog. We do accept applicants that live in apartments or other rental situations, as long as the landlord approves of the adoption. We require a landlord reference for all renters.

About CTDR Dogs
All dogs that come through Central Texas Dachshund Rescue have been fully vetted before adoption. This includes a health exam by a veterinarian, the vaccinations appropriate for its age, and a heartworm test and preventative. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. We also provide dental treatment or other surgical treatments as necessary. Due to our thorough adoption process, it does take a little time and effort to adopt from CTDR and because our rescues are in foster homes throughout Texas, it takes some coordination to allow you to meet one of our dogs, but the wait is well worth it!

Adoption Fee
Our adoption fee is $250 per dog or $150 for senior dogs (over 10 years of age). .

Adoption Process
1.) View our list of available dogs either on Petfinder or on our website.
2.) Complete an Adoption Application and list the names of all the dogs you're interested in.
3.) After we receive your application, we'll contact you within 3-7 days to discuss the specifics of what you're looking for.
4.) Once we have completed all reference checks, we will schedule a home visit where someone from our organization will come to your home and meet you and your family and any pets you currently have.
5.) Finally, we will schedule a time when your family and pet(s) can meet your desired rescue dachshund.

To contact us, email us at: adopt@ctdr.org

Contact Information

Central Texas Dachshund Rescue
7301 RR 620 N
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Austin, TX 78726
Email: adopt@ctdr.org

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