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City of Daingerfield

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Our featured pet is Katy, an older female Pit Bull Terrier. She has been living at the shelter since April 17, 2014. She was found at an intersection of a very busy highway where an older lady picked her up and brought her to the shelter in hopes that her family would come find her. Unfortunately that never happened and she has been waiting patiently for someone to take her home. She is an older dog around 7 to 8 years old but she is already spayed and still has plenty of energy to keep up with any family. She doesn't do well with other dogs as she just doesn't have the patience for them anymore in her old age. She does loves people though and is a perfectly well-behaved lady. Would YOU be willing to take her home so she doesn't have to spend the rest of her life in a kennel?


The shelter was blown away in a storm awhile back and then this past year we had a tree fall on what we were able to rebuild that ended up making us lose two kennels that we couldn't spare as well as damaging our office pretty badly. We have got everything where it is at least functional for the time being but we have begun building our new shelter which will be bigger, better, and hopefully out of harms way so that the animals will be safer during storms. While the shelter is funtional, there is still a bit of a mess. So please excuse it when visiting.

Who We Are

Daingerfield Animal Shelter is a municipal funded shelter serving the animal control needs of Daingerfield, Texas. We get very few donations, and we don't have the funds to get the animals spayed/neutered. We have instituted many proactive adoption and animal awarness programs in the city and hope to eventually move towards a "no-kill" shelter. But right now we only have 12 kennels and when they get full we have to start putting perfectly good dogs down. By adopting one of our dogs you may be saving its life. We also have cats and kittens some times throughout the year. Just check our adoptable animals. We aren't always able to get to a computer as much as we'd like to so it's always best to call us instead of email.

Adopting a Friend

Adoptions in Daingerfield, costs $30 an animal. There is an application that you will need to fill out at the shelter while you talk with one of our staff. After your application is finished we will go over it and make sure the animal is in good hands. Also now when adopting an animal from us, in accordance to state law, you will have to take the animal to the vet to get it's rabies vaccination within 14 days of the adoption and within 30 days, or 30 days after an infant animal becomes 4 months of age, you will need to have the animal sterilized. Upon completion of this you will also need to send The City of Daingerfield written proof that you have complied. we are working on trying to make the process a little easier. We also give the pets their shots before they leave us along with a rabies vaccination voucher from our local vet, so you're first rabies vaccine is already paid for. The animal's welfare is our foremost concern. In the past we have adopted out animals, only for them to come back to us at a later time in very bad health. We are trying to put an end to irresponsible adoptions at our shelter. It's not fair to the animals.

Come Visit Us!

If you would like to come visit us, please do call for directions if you are not familiar with the area, we are NOT located at 108 Coffey St, that is our mailing address. Please call the City of Daingerfield at (903)645-3906 for directions or more information. There will be someone at the shelter Mon-Fri, 8am to 12pm and then 1pm to 4pm. Please call the city before visiting to make sure we are expecting you so that we know to be here. Thanks

City of Daingerfield
108 Coffey Street

Daingerfield, TX 75638
Phone: (903)645-3906

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