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Let me tell you a story, about a neglected Shih-tzu, saved from human neglect, in need of a safe home.

As we all know in the Rescue business Neglect and Abuse comes in many forms. From malnutrition to physical abuse, the result is always the same. Precious and innocent babies all over the world depend on Rescue groups and Shelters to save them from there despair. This baby was so matted and mal-nourished that she has lost her entire coat. Always fed table food or soft dog food caused her teeth to loosen and decay much quicker. Lack of grooming caused ulcers on her bottom from urine soaking into the matts. After a good teeth cleaning and a good grooming n some vitamins, patience and lots of love her hair is growing back beautiful and full and we hope her spirit will again shine as well. Her ulcers have healed and she is a few less teeth but again can eat dry food and no longer drewls. Some small breeds need to be groomed on a regular basis to keep them from matting and getting skin infections and scalded from urine under the matts. A good quality food also keep there teeth and bones healthy and keep them from having Hypoglycemic episodes that can result in coma , and death. This lil girl will go up for adoption as soon as we feel she is emotionally up to it. She is warming up to us real quickly and we have high hopes for her and her future. If you can't give her a home but you would like to make a donation for her and others like her feel free to do so using our Donate button..So if you would like to give this baby girl a happy ending please call us for more information.....

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Our rescue, like others have some animals that have been here with us for long periods of time. most do fine, but some eventually get behaviors that revert back to when they were strays, this is from being in holding facilities for so long. if you have the time, love and space and would like information on becoming a Foster Parent, we can be reached at lcrescue@aol.com. We can also always use donations such as collars, leashes, food, blankets, old dog houses etc... Thank you sincerely for your support and remember,all of our animals have had hard lives and when you adopt, it is saving a life, and a lifetime commitment.

Who We Are

We started out a Breed specific Rescue several years ago, However due to breed discrimination and so many Rottweilers being put down or labeled as vicious and so many others needing our assistance and pregnant momma's being put to sleep due to the risks of puppies being born in shelters, we have now expanded to most other breeds. If you need to place an animal here with us please call and speak to one of the volunteers to get your intake info and the information we need to start process. We are an all VOLUNTEER not for profit animal rescue group, We run strictly on donations and all donations go directly into our fund to continue taking care of all the needs of the rescues here , and the rescues to come. Donations are $160-$200 depending on sponsorships and health. We work with some of our local and metro-plex Shelters to help them keep there euthenazia rates as low as possible.. We are also here for the general public, so that the number of animals being dumped rather than released to shelters also stays as low as possible. We are a no-kill rescue facility and we do not euthenize for space.we do evaluate all our new Rescues for possible food issues other animal agressions, and refocus train fear biters and a few other issues not mentioned, We also try to exercise our babies on treadmills so they get proper exercise and have less anxiety issues as there settling in. This is done so when you inquire on a certain Rescue you have all the important information ahead of time to make an educated decision about the adoption of each Pet. It is important to us to make sure you have as much info as possible to make an informed decision before adopting. ( WE WILL NOT PULL ANIMALS THAT ARE AGGRESSIVE.)

Adopting a friend

PLEASE KNOW that adopting a Rescue requires as much as a 10 year commitment on your part, as a pet owner Make sure that your home is puppy proofed and ready for the new Canine family member .Make sure his outside area is ready for him as well ,mend fence problems before your pet finds it and escapes. Make sure your ready to be financially responsible for your pet and ask about Pet Insurance for Emergencies that may arise down the road. We do have this information if you are interested.. Some of our babies here do need a lil time to adjust to the changes of new homes. This can take some animals up to 10 days to learn there places and settle in, especially if they are a second or third family pet. Proper introduction of your new rescue, and the pet you already have can make the adjustment much easier on you and your new family member. We can help with tips on this subject if you need them.

Pre-screening to adopt

Pre-screening information includes your name and address, along with your family size ,children and ages. We require information on other pets in your home including there ages, breed and gender, along with there Vetting information. We Also need to know if you have a fenced in yard or how you will be exercising your baby and doing potty breaks if you don't have fenced in area.

Come Visit Us!

We schedule all our visits around our Clinic days and transports , since we are not a Shelter with set hours. We try to accomidate around your schedule the best we can and if Foster can't meet your schedule they can be taken to Rehab address for a visit Our Foster numbers and address are given when visits are scheduled . If you try to call and we are doing Clinics that day leave us a message , please speak slow enough we can get numbers down and repeat your number so we can get back to you as soon as our Rescues are taken care of, or dropped back off at Foster homes. Calls may not be returned until after 6:00 pm or the next day, but you can text 682-229-9064 and or 817-823-0750 if you would like a quicker response, however we will not respond if driving. Thank you.
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