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Who We Are

Austin Animal Center is the animal care and control shelter for Austin and Travis County, operated by the City of Austin and Travis County. We are an "open-intake" facility that accepts all animals in need, providing shelter for over 20,000 animals every year.

We provide Animal Protection, Care and Control, Pet Lost & Found, and Pet Adoption services for all of Austin and Travis County.

Come Visit Us!

Austin Animal Center is located at 7201 Levander loop. http://maps.google.com/?q=30.251080+-97.691738.


  • 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Everyday
  • Closed for major City Holidays

    Adopting a new friend from Austin Animal Center

    To adopt a pet cat or dog:

    1. Sign up on our "virtual sign-in sheet" by calling 512-687-1472 on your cell phone
    2. Meet with a Customer Service Representative to get your application completed
      • provide a photo ID
      • proof of home ownership or landlord contact information
      • proof that any pets at home have a current rabies vaccination
      • review and sign a Pet Care Agreement
    3. Spend time getting to know some of our adoptable pets.
    4. Work with a Customer Service Representative to make sure your chosen pet is a good match for your lifestyle and preferences.
    5. Arrange for spay or neuter surgery and pick up.
    The adoption fee is $75 and includes:
  • spay or neuter surgery if the animal is healthy and over 3 lbs.
  • all vaccinations the animal is old enough to receive.
  • a HomeAgain microchip.

    You should know that:

  • We will not adopt out aggressive animals.
  • All adopted animals will be spayed or neutered.
  • We cannot guarantee the health or temperament of adopted animals.

    Identification is Critical for Your Pets

    Each year our shelter takes care of thousands of lost pets. We do our best to try to get these pets back to their owners, but without proper identification, we are unable to do so.

    The best kind of identification YOU can provide for your pet is a sturdy collar with current id tags including pet registration. Proper tags allow the shelter or your neighbors to return your pet to you quickly and easily. So please provide this simple protection for all your pets!

    Donations Needed

    We need new and gently used leashes and collars for our outreach clinics. And for our animals at the shelter, we always need: treats and rawhide chews, dry morsel cat treats and canned cat food, "KONG" toys, creamy peanut butter, grooming tools, fleece material for making cat pads, dog and cat toys of all sizes and shapes, towels, blankets, newspaper, shampoo, and cash. Did you know that $1,200 will spay or neuter 40 animals?

    Organize a collection in your Austin area neighborhood, school or office and help Travis County's hundreds of homeless pets!

    Check Out This Helpful Training Video For Your Dog!

    Austin Animal Center
    7201 Levander Loop
    Austin, TX 78702
    Phone: (512)-978-0500

    Website: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/animal-services

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