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Who We Are

We are a rescue specializing in rescuing persians, himalayans, exotic shorthairs, and ragdolls. Most of our rescued cats are pulled from shelters. Some are given up by their owners due to family situations, financial situations, or a behavioral problem the cat is having. All cats are treated for any existing medical condition(s); they are spayed/neutered, FIV/FELV tested, and given all necessary immunizations before adoption; and any behavioral problem(s) the cat may have is addressed and resolved. All of our foster kitties are housed in actual homes with foster parents - so they get used to being in a home environment.

South Texas Persian Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, registered with the IRS. EIN 27-2029744.

Adopting a friend

We try and match up cats with the best possible living environment for everyone involved. Some cats need to be in homes with no children, no dogs, no other cats - and some cats LOVE children, dogs, and/or other cats! We want to make sure that everyone in the family is happy!

Adoption requires that an application be completed. Two personal references and a vet reference are required (three personal references if you don't have a vet) - these will be checked! We also require that a contract be signed - this states, among other things, that if you are unhappy with your cat that you will return him/her to us, that you will provide needed veterinary care, that you will provide adqueate food, ect. Once you contact us, the application and the contract will be emailed to you. Once we get the application back and the references check out, and the applicant passes an interview, the adopter is approved!!

We do not ship or provide any transportation. We only adopt to residents of the state of Texas and the immediate surrounding states.

Our adoption donation for persian, himalayan, ragdoll and Maine Coon breeds are as follows: an adult cat is $150, a kitten is $175 to $275 - depending on age, gender, and breed of kitten. Other breeds may have differing adoption donation amounts, depending on the rarity of the breed (for example exotic shorthair adults are $200, rex breeds are $250 and up). Declawed cats, add $25 to adoption donation. WE ONLY ACCEPT ADOPTION DONATIONS MADE THROUGH PAYPAL OR WITH CASH - WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS! STRAIGHT DONATIONS (NOT FOR AN ADOPTION) CAN BE MADE BY DEBIT/CREDIT CARD THROUGH PAYPAL.

If the cat you want to adopt is not quite ready to go home yet, we can take a deposit to "hold" the cat for you. We do require a that a non-refundable deposit be made (refundable only if for some reason the cat becomes unadoptable). The deposit is half of the total adoption donation amount. The deposit will apply towards the adoption donation.

We often have more cats than are posted here on Petfinder!! We always have cats that are recovering from illness, injury, ect. We don't post these cats until they are ready for adoption. But we can approve an adoption before the cat is adoptable and "hold" the cat until they are ready to go home! So if you don't see the type of cat listed that you are interested in - please contact us, we still may have what you are looking for!

Except for the persian, himalayan, and exotic shorthair cats listed on this site, South Texas Persian Rescue cannot guarantee the parentage or breed of cats on this site (unless otherwise noted that the cat is "purebreed").

Donations Needed

We always need the following items: kitty litter, Felidae food (dry and canned), Wellness CORE, Acana, Blue Wilderness (dry and canned), topical flea treatment (Advantage, Revolution, Capstar), kitty treats, toys, and anything else you would like to donate!

We do have a paypal account - so monetary payments/donations can be made by credit card or through your bank account. Donations are always welcome!!

We are also on Amazon Smile!! If you shop thru Amazon, a portion of eligible purchases are donated to South Texas Persian Rescue!!

South Texas Persian Rescue

Come Visit Us!

Our cats are in foster homes - to see any of these fur babies, please email us to start the application process. If you are approved to adopt, an appointment will be set up for you to meet the cat(s) you're interested in.
South Texas Persian Rescue

San Antonio, TX 78247
Phone: (210)658-0914

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