The Vidor Animal Control Department fundamental duty is to enforce local and state laws. Investigate Cruelty to Animals; educate the public in prevention of animal bites, diseases of animals. These include diseases that spread from animal to animal, as well as animal to humans. This is why it is important to have animals vaccinated yearly against rabies. We also, try and help educate the public the importance of having animals spayed or neutered. There is such an overpopulation of unwanted pets. Millions of dogs and cats are euthanatized in shelters each year.

Adopting a friend

All animals adopted shall be spayed or neutered.

Come Visit Us!

SAVE A LIFE. We are located on the road next to the Police Department and the City Court. 155 Watts Street. Our hours are Monday thu Friday. 7:30 am to 4pm. We are closed on Holidays.
Vidor Animal Control
155 Watts
Vidor, TX 77662
Phone: 409-769-8718

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