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HYDE PARK RESCUE was created in 1998 and was preiously located in Hyde Park, Austin, TX. Hyde Park Rescue originated in Austin and has relocated to San Antonio. However, we still travel between Austin & San Antonio 2-3 times per week. For your convenience, animals can be brought to either city to meet potential adopters. Due to the incomprehensible, never ending influx of wonderful animals into Animal Control facilities every day and the massive problem of pet-overpopulation, millions of beautiful, wonderful animals are being killed every year in the USA. A very small percentage of shelter animals are lucky enough to be rescued and adopted. Unfortunately, due to limited resources and very high numbers of homeless pets, we are not able to save as many as we would like or hope to. If you'd like to make an appointment to meet any of our adoptable animals, please call 210-218-9289. Please, help save lives by adopting from a shelter or rescue! For approximately the last 8 years we have only been taking in animals who are impounded and hae been scheduled for euthanasia. We are their very last chance to ever have the chance at life & happiness. After we pick the animals up from the pound, we nurture them, provide nursing & veterinary care, and evaluate them to see what type of household will be the best fit for each of them. And, eventually they are made available for adoption. The animals that hae been posted online are healthy, social, and eager to share the rest of their lies with some wonderful person or family. We are not currently accepting new owner-surrendered animals. However, If you would like to contact us to inquire about posting your animal on our website, our email address is: HydeParkRescue@gmail.com.
Al's Hyde Park Rescue

Phone: 210-218-9289

Email: HydeParkRescue@gmail.com
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