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Lancaster Humane Society has teamed up with other local Rescues in hopes of helping more animals find homes and get off the streets.


New News...... The Lancaster Humane Society is not taking in any pets right now for any reason, this is due to restrictions that we currently have. I will post more information soon about when we will be able to take in surrenders. You can get 1 month free pet insurance when you adopt a shelter pet!!!! This insurance is really great!

Featured Pet

Featured pet of the week is Amir. He is a wonderful husky mix that would make a great Agility Dog. He loves the water and loves to play. He plays with female dogs but does not like male dogs to well, unless they are small!!

Who We Are

We are a 501c3 non-profit rescue that is dedicated to the education and rescue of pets.

All the adult dogs will have all vaccinations, HW Test and altered before they go to their new home. All puppies will be Up To Date on their vaccinations, de-wormed and altered before going to a new home. Adoption fee is usually 145.00 but we do have specials on long timers, just ask.


You must first fill out a 4 page application (just email us for that and we will send you one), our volunteers will do all the necessary checks, once that is done we will hold a meeting where all the Board Members discuss the possible adoption and come to the conclusion of which home would best suit the certain animal. If you are approved we will contact you withing 3 - 5 business days from receiving your application.

SEDHS Adoption/Foster Application.

Adoption Fee is 145.00 for all dogs

The adoption fee you are paying isn't to pay for the medical care of the particular pet you are adopting this is so that we may continue in rescue for all of our fur friends. There are alot of things that go into rescue that so many do not take into consideration, we provide the food for these pets no matter how long they stay in our rescue, shots, dewormers, heartworm medication, altering, toys, collars, leashes, crates. These are just some of the basics. Alot of time we spend our money on these items because the adoption fee doesn't cover everything. When we get a dog or cat in that is sick and needs major medical attention that pet even though the medical may be $500.00 or more we charge the same amount for that pets adoption fee.


We are running low on donations and need your help. If you could help financially or with our adoptions please email or we will come pick up any items listed below.
If you would like to give a financial donation through paypal you can. The email address you would use to do that is We accept donations of dog food, cat food, cat litter, toys, leashes, collars,crates, carriers, bedding, tack, cleaning products, bath mats, blankets, towels, mechanic work and financial donations.
Don't let one of these cuties get away.

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