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Grandpaws Senior Dog rescue is a new group of foster homes dedicated to finding new homes for older dogs. All of our dogs have been vet checked, are current on vaccinations, are heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention and are spayed or neutered. Grandpaws Adoption Process

Step 1 - The Meet and Greet
Grandpaws will bring the dog to a neutral location, usually a park or pet store such as Petco or Petsmart, so the potential adopter can meet the dog, spend some time with him/her and become a little bit familiar with the dog's personality.

Step 2 - The Application
If the potential adopter likes the dog, the next step is to fill out an application for adoption. This can either be done on-line or the Grandpaws representative can provide one at the meet and greet.

Step 3 - The Application Review and Veterinary Check
Two members of Grandpaws Senior Dog Rescue will review your application and contact you to discuss any questions or concerns they might have. If you have any other pets or have had within the last 5 years a representative of Grandpaws will call your veterinarian to verify that all pets, past and present were/are kept current on vaccinations and all dogs are/were on Heartworm prevention.

Step 4 - The Home Visit
Two representatives of Grandpaws Senior Dog Rescue will bring the dog to your house for a home visit. The appropriateness of your home environment and yard will be assessed at this time. The behavior and reaction of the dog in the adopter's environment will be assessed. Grandpaws requires that all people residing in the house meet the dog at this time. Any concerns about the environment will be discussed with the adopter and if the representatives feel that the environment is appropriate for the dog, the foster-to-adopt week can begin at this time. If there are concerns the dog will not be left and written notification of the concerns will be mailed to the adopter within 3 business days. The adopter will have the opportunity to respond to each concern and based on the responses and conversation with the adopter the representatives will make the final determination.

Step 5 - The Foster-To-Adopt Week
The foster-to-adopt week will begin when all other steps have been completed to the satisfaction of the Grandpaws representatives. This week allows the adopter to bring the dog into their home for a week on a trial basis. It often takes several days for a dog to get comfortable in a new environment and begin to display behavior true to his/her personality. The placement of the dog in the home for a week (or sometimes longer as determined by the adopter and representatives) allows Grandpaws and the adopter to make sure the dog will adjust to their environment and that they can adjust to the needs of the dog.

Step 6 - The Finalization of the Adoption
Upon completion of a successful foster-to-adopt week the adoption can be finalized. The Grandpaws representatives will either come to the adopter's home or a meeting will be arranged for a different location. The adoption contract will be signed and the adoption fee collected at this time.

Grandpaws Senior Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 1357

Leander, TX 78646-1357
Phone: (512) 773-0834

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