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Mission Statement

The Dallas / Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club is dedicated to alleviating needless death and suffering of homeless or misplaced pure-bred Labrador Retrievers. We will provide education about responsible dog ownership, including, but not limited to counseling on behavior and obedience training, sterilization (spaying and neutering), and veterinary care. We will seek out loving homes for these labs, and provide quality interim care and rehabilitation through volunteer foster homes and veterinary intervention.

Who We Are

The Dallas / Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club Rescue Program is sometimes the last chance to prevent the needless destruction of Labrador Retrievers. By rescuing and rehabilitating homeless Labradors and by vigorously promoting responsible dog ownership in our community through active participation in pet-related events and through our own education program, we strive for a better life for each of our animals. The Labradors in the rescue program are usually strays, refugees from a pound or shelter, or owner relinquished. Most of the dogs are young adults, not puppies. Rescue labs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated (rabies, distemper/parvo, bordatella) and heartworm-tested before they are placed.

Adopting a friend

ADOPTING A LAB The Process... Overview of the DFWLRRC adoption process: A potential adopter completes the adoption application. DFWLRRC has the right to deny or refuse any application. If approved, the applicant is scheduled for a home study. The potential adopter is also added to our Meet n Greet invite list. If approved, the potential adopter is contacted by the Director of Adoptions with a list of foster dogs and how to contact their foster home. The potential adopter may also continue to attend the Meet n Greets. The potential adopter and foster home coordinate a time for the family to meet the dog, and if necessary, meet the existing family animals. Once a match is found, the adoption process is completed when the family completes the adoption contract, pays the adoption fee, and has secured the necessary items for the new family pet (leash, ID tag, crate, etc.) Adoption Fees (Effective April 1, 2012): $350 for puppies (any dog under 6 months old when entering program) $275 for adults ($250 for adoptions completed prior to April 1st) On average, it takes between one and five months to adopt a Rescue Lab, depending on your personal circumstances and flexibility. The adoption fees help us meet the boarding and veterinary expenses incurred by our non-profit organization, although our average expense per Lab is greater than the adoption donation. Remember, DFWLRRC has the right to deny or refuse any application. Overview of the DFWLRRC rescue process: Once accepted into the program, but before he/she goes into a foster home, all new Labs get a trip to our veterinarian for complete checkups, required immunizations, heart worm tests/treatments, spaying or neutering (if necessary), and any medications prescribed by our vet. Once in a foster home, the rescue Lab is introduced to a warm, loving, safe environment. He/she will be crate trained, receive basic obedience training, and complete any necessary follow-up care prescribed by our vets. Our rescue Labs are treated like members of the family and receive all the spoils a Lab deserves. Characteristics of a Forever Home: The dog will not be kept outdoors during the adopter's working hours, or at any other time left alone outdoors while the adopter is not at home. The dog may be confined to a room such as a bedroom or basement, or any other room of adequate size, and protected from the elements of weather Yard is securely fenced (Adoptions to apartment dwellers depend on the dog requested). Forever home is in the DFW area. No children under the age of 6, unless they have been raised with large dogs. Has an adult who wants to train and care for the dog Existing and recent pets must be spayed/neutered, on heartworm preventative, and current on all recommended vaccinations. (Please specify if there is a medical reason any of these conditions are not met)

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