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South Texas Bichon Rescue is one of the Houston area affiliates of a nationwide rescue organization.

Adopting a friend

Our fluffs are fostered in the Houston area and will need to be placed in that general region in order to assure proper follow-up checks.  Please visit the rescue website ( ) to view the adoption application and read our "best practices". If after you have read all that, you still want to be "owned by a bichon", print out the application, fill it out, and mail it to:

Chelsey Edwards
Southeast Texas Bichon Rescue
P.O. Box 1432
Pearland, TX 77588

Successful Adoptions!


Bichon Rescue's national calendar promotion is now underway. Submit a photograph of YOUR beloved, rescued bichon for consideration. Don't have a photo to submit, but you'd like a calendar anyway? We are taking orders now for our 2005 calendars. Visit our website to see last year's calendar, to submit a photo, OR to order a calendar for 2005! Every penny of your donation will help homeless bichons everywhere. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. Just click here for more information:

Calendar Info!


Come Visit Us!

For more information regarding Bichons Frises and Bichon Frise Rescue, please visit:  BFCA and Bichon Rescue.
Festival of Fun"
Please join us on Oct 24-Nov 9. It's a thrilling event for bichon lovers! Fabulous item/gifts for all ages. . . plus practical needs too. INFO

South Texas Bichon Frise Rescue
P.O. Box 1432

Pearland, TX 77588

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