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 Our animals need your help! We depend on your donations. In the case of sick or injured animals, your cash donations are crucial for an animal to be rescued. All cash donations go to treat and ease the pain of injured and sick animals until their owner can be found or they can find a new home. Examples of what is needed are: Medications for upper respiratory, hookworms, roundworms, pinworms, cuts that require antibiotics and pain meds, mange and ringworm. We can also have dogs tested for parvo, cats tested heartworms and get the first round of shots before they get out the door. With out your cash donations we can not help as many animals as we would like.


Info about making a donation can be found: http://www.lakedallas.com/Donations.html

Adopting A Friend

Adopting a pet is a fun experience with us!  Call or come by during business hours to visit with our pets in need of a home.  You must be 18 to adopt and we suggest you take your time to make sure the pet you adopt is the right match.  Please remember, pets are a 10-20 year commitment so it's important to make an educated decision.  Once you have decided to adopt one of our pets, you will sign a contract to have him or her spayed/neutered(if not already done)  Our pets are vaccinated and dogs are heartworm tested before they go to their new home.

In order to ensure compliance with Texas State Law, Chapters 826 and 828 of the Health and Safety Code, which require all adopted shelter animals to be vaccinated for rabies and to be sterilized, all pets adopted must be spayed/neutered adoption receive a rabies vaccination within 10 days of adoption.  Proof of these procedures MUST be returned to the shelter within 7 days of completion. *Puppies & Kittens: If you have selected an animal younger than four (4) months of age, these procedures are due at 16week(4 months) of age.

Adoption fee is $50  plus $8 city registration if  already spayed/neutered or $15  if not done yet and you are a resident of Lake Dallas.


Who We Are

The CIty of Lake Dallas Animal Services Shelter. 

Come Visit Us

Lake Dallas Animal Shelter
687 North Lakeview
Lake Dallas, TX 75065
Phone: 940-497-7090
Fax: 940-321-6780


Open Tuesday - Saturday 9 - 4:30

*please email anytime and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible

Please note phone calls are not answered after 4:00pm Please leave a message with a call back number (repeated twice) and the animal you are calling about by name.


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