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Help For Helpless Animals (HHA) is a 100% non-profit, 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(2) tax-exempt organization, formed to help curb the tremendous overpopulation of unwanted animals. Founded in 1987, HHA is operated 100% by volunteers and has been in existence for over thirteen years. We hope to continue to be of help for many years to come.

At least 200,000 animals are euthanized every year in the Dallas/FW Metroplex alone. The primary reason is that there aren't enough homes for them. They've committed no wrong - they are just part of the over-surplus of animals.

One of the causes of overpopulation is that there are numerous people with animals that do not spay/neuter them. When these animals continually breed and then their offspring begin to breed, alas, we are over-saturated with animals, which ultimately results in euthanasia.

One of the deterrents to euthanasia is SPAYING and NEUTERING. A major function of HHA is to provide financial assistance to anyone who cannot afford the cost of this service, via low-cost and no-cost certificates (vaccinations included).

Other functions offered by HHA are:

Providing homes for homeless animals surrendered to or rescued by HHA via mobile pet adoptions.

Offering medical aid to not only pets rescued by HHA but to owners of injured or sick animals.

And, when able, offering pet food to pet owners in need.

HHA is comprised totally of volunteers. The organization does not have a shelter so pets are housed in private foster homes where they receive loving care until they are adopted into responsible and loving homes.

All donations go directly to aid animals in need. Expenses are kept to a minimum. Anyone in need of assistance can contact HHA at:

Help For Helpless Animals
P.O. Box 797972
Dallas, TX 75379-7972 (972) 424-4860


Web Page:Help For Helpless Animals

Adopting a friend

An adoption counselor interviews and works with each potential adopter to insure that each of our animals is placed in the proper home. The cost to adopt cats is $100 and dogs is $125 . All animals are current on vaccinations and heartworm or leukemia/aids tested. They are started on heartworm prevention or, are treated if the test is positive.

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Help For Helpless Animals
P.O. Box 797972
Dallas, TX 75379-7972
(972) 424-4860
Web Page: Help For Helpless Animals

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