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Who We Are

Founded in the 1890's and incorporated in 1905, the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) is an independent, autonomous society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. We are one of the largest animal shelters in Texas -housing 400 to 500 animals each day. Over the past two years alone we cared for over 60,000 animals!


Our Mission

To act as an advocate on behalf of all animals and to ensure their legal, moral, and ethical consideration and protection, and to instill respect for all living things.

Our Policy

Open Door! You will never see a sign in our lobby saying, "Sorry, we are full." Nor is anyone ever told, "We do not accept that kind of animal; please take it to your city pound." HSNT receives the unloved and unmanageable with as much care and compassion as the gentle purebred pet everyone wants to adopt. We are the only truly open door shelter in North Texas that accepts any and all stray animals without a standard releasing fee. Dogs, cats, goats, horses, calves, pigs, rabbits, chickens, emus, and even bears, tigers, lions, wallabies, and a camel have benefited from our humane care. No matter how old or how young, how ill or how vicious -- no animal is ever turned away.

Our Support

HSNT does not receive county, state, or federal funding, nor are we subsidized by United Way or any other organization. Contributions from compassionate friends and supporters keep HSNT's doors open to all animals in need. Only through gifts from generous, caring donors can HSNT feed the hungry, comfort the frightened, and rescue the mistreated animals of North Texas.

Our Services

Adoptions -- HSNT has found homes for hundreds of thousands of abandoned and abused animals. Potential adopters are carefully screened and counseled before an adoption is ever approved. Even though HSNT places over 6,000 animals into loving adoptive homes each year, we pride ourselves on choosing the quality over quantity when it comes to adoptions. All adopted animals are inoculated against diseases, treated for parasites, and altered before going home.
Cruelty Investigations -- We will investigate over 3,000 reports of abuse and neglect this year. Our Humane Investigators are in the field seven days a week investigating reports of abuse and neglect throughout Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, Wise, Denton, and surrounding counties. We will respond to reports of cruelty, whether it involves three abandoned tigers or a single dog chained without food, water, or shelter. We bring relief -- food, water, and veterinary care. When the owner cannot be educated, we will legally obtain possession of the animal to prevent further suffering.
Emergency Rescue -- We will attempt over 1,000 rescues this year with greater than 80% success. HSNT is the only local humane agency that attempts to rescue injured animals on a 24-hour basis. Animal Rescue Technicians will make sure an injured animal gets help.
Animal Birth Control -- We will spay/neuter over 4,000 pets this year. Preventing the births of unwanted puppies and kittens is one of our most important programs. HSNT requires spaying and neutering of all animals adopted from our shelter. We make animal birth control a theme in all our educational efforts. Our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program helps hundreds of pet owners who cannot afford the conventional cost of this surgery. Our low-cost Spay/Neuter Clinic is available for qualified low-income and senior-citizen pet owners. HSNT provides other assistance that is available for any pet owner. We will spay/neuter any parent of an animal released to HSNT for free regardless of income.
Volunteer Program -- The scope of HSNT's efforts to help animals has always been enhanced by those who give their time, energy, and skills to our cause. Our volunteers provide help in many areas, including working directly with the animals, rehabilitating and fostering animals, and providing pet services to the poor and elderly. Other volunteers provide legal services in cruelty cases and speak to government officials for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Lost & Found -- We will return over 500 animals to their owners this year. HSNT reunites lost pets with their owners by checking the lost and found classified ads and pet identifications. Because our shelter is one of the largest in the metroplex and state, more lost animals are reunited with their families.
Educational Programs -- Each year we educate school children through classroom visits and tours of HSNT. Annual events such as the Adopt-a-thon and Mayfest are designed to heighten the public's awareness of the joys and responsibilities of caring for a companion animal.


Adopting a friend

What does it cost to adopt?
HSNT Adoption Services are funded by the donations we receive from our contributors. The costs range from $30 to $285 and are a huge savings plus you get a lifelong friend.

* The Adoption cost may be less or waived entirely for animals such as "Special Needs" **

** Some of the animals have a Special Friend who has donated half or all of that animal's adoption fee to help them find a new home.


What's included with each adoption?
Our adoptions include the following veterinary services:

  • Dog vaccinations -- DA2LPPv (Canine distemper, hepatitis-adenovirus type 2, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus), Intra-Trac II bordatella (kennel cough) -- $40 value
  • Cats vaccinations -- FVRC/P (Feline rhinotracheitis, calici, panelukopenia, chlamydia psittaci) -- $25 value
  • Strongid-T de-worming medication (for hook & roundworms) -- $7 value
  • Rabies vaccination (for animals 3 months & older) -- $10 value
  • Occult test for Microfilaria (young) Heartworms (all dogs over 6 months) -- $25 value
  • Health exam from a participating vet -- $35 value
  • Spay/neuter surgery -- $60-$200 value for dogs, $40-$100 value for cats)
  • Ear Cleaning -- $10-$18 value
  • Microchip & Leash -- $40 value

How do I become an animal's Special Friend?

Easy! Just donate half the adoption or full adoption costs to HSNT in person or via Paypal and reference the animal's ID # & name.

Donate To Help Us Help Them We also desperately need to donations in any amount to help our "Special Needs" animals. Such as sick or injured animals.
See our pet list to view some of our "Special Needs" animals. 


Come Visit Us!

Visit our shelter near downtown Fort Worth (1840 E. Lancaster)-- easily accessible from IH30, IH35W, and US287.
Our operating hours are:
Adoptions:     Daily:     Noon to 5 pm

 Visit our Welcome Home Adoption Center (363 Keller Parkway)-- in with Kelly Moore Paint on 1709 just East of 377 in Keller 817-431-1170 
Our operating hours are:
Adoptions:     Open Daily from 10 to 6

 Waggin Tails Adoption Center - 9009 Benbrook Blvd, Benbrook TX 76126 
Our operating hours are:
Adoptions:     Open Daily from 12 to 6

Visit Our Website to see even more information.



Map to our shelter 

Humane Society of North Texas 1840 East Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76103 Phone: (817) 332 - HSNT Email:hsnt@sbcglobal.org Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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