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Any and all Donations are always needed and welcome. If you wish to donate to American Boston Terrier Rescue rescue, please go to and use the recipient name of .

If you wish to donate for vet expenses on our dogs, dog food, or any other item, please mail to
Kristi Goebel/American Boston Terrier Rescue
P.O. Box 1286
Little Elm, TX 75068

Thank you for your support.

Who We Are

Our mission is to save and rehome abandoned, neglected, or abused Boston Terriers and Boxers into loving families. All dogs entering our program are spayed/neutered, vaccinations updated, bordatella, heartworm/erlichia/lyme checked and treated if positive, and any other medical problems that we are aware of are taken care of by a liscensed vetinarian in the state of Texas.

Dogs needing to be rescued are generally over a year old. We often have special needs dogs in rescue that would make excellent pets for the right person who can love them in spite of their handicaps. There are many older dogs in rescue who need to be adopted and can provide a wonderful companion who has already been housebroken, won't eat your house down and is grateful for your love. Please consider adopting an older dog who needs you.

Adopting a friend

ALL DOGS ARE SPAYED or NEUTERED BEFORE ADOPTION. An adoption application and home check is required. An Adoption Agreement to keep dogs on monthly heart worm preventive and yearly/as needed veterinary care is required.

Transportation paid for by the adopter can be arranged to anywhere within the continental US and we do ship to certain cities in Canada. I will be glad to purchase a crate and get a health certificate for you but will need to be reimbursed for the expense.

If you are interested in any of my dogs, please print and complete the application from and then fax it to (775) 417-5189. If you do not get an email from me within 72 hours, I have not gotten your application and you will need to email me.

Donations are always needed. If you would like to donate for the vet care for any of our dogs, please send check to:

PO BOX 1286
Little Elm, TX 75068
If wishing to donate money for dog food and other needed items, you can use and use as the recipient. If wishing to donate dog food (A Taste of the Wild Bison and Venison is what we feed our rescued dogs) or any other doggie item, please mail to : American Boston Terrier Rescue P O Box 1286, Little Elm, TX 75068. Thank you for your support.

All adoption fees are used for medical treatment and care of the rescue dogs.

Come Visit Us!

We have no shelter. All dogs are fostered in foster homes across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. ALL ADOPTIONS ARE BY APPLICATION ONLY. AFTER YOU ARE APPROVED TO ADOPT IS WHEN ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR YOU TO MEET THE DOGS THAT ARE DEEMED SUITABLE FOR YOUR FAMILY. Thank you for understanding.
American Boston Terrier Rescue
P. O. Box 1286
Little Elm, TX 75068
FAX Phone for Applications: (775) 417-5189

Email: SavingBostons@AmericanBostonTerrierRescue.orgt

News - "WE DO NOT USE EXTREME TEMPERAMENT TESTS ON OUR DOGS." Boston Terriers usually are stressed to the max in a shelter environment. If we used an extreme temperament test, then most of the Bostons that we have been able to save and place would be dead dogs instead of beloved dogs in new homes. This is where rescue comes into the equation. We get the dogs out of that environment and into a home. Then we see how they unwind over a few days to see their true temperment while interacting with a family and not in a pandemonium of loud noises, rough handling, strange smells, and fear. So many of my babies would have been killed for being too timid, too food aggressive from starvation, too fear aggressive, too hyperactive, too something and they would not have reached their new homes and be the beloved dogs they are today so we use common sense and love in a home environment to determine each dog's temperament!!!!

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