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Gordon setters come in a variety of sizes and coat types. Smaller "field-type" Gordons can weight about 50 pounds when mature. They tend to have a higher energy level and less coat. Larger "show-type" Gordons might weigh 70 pounds or more when mature and most have a thick black and tan coat of either long, straight or slightly wavy hair. Gordon setters require daily exercise and brushing. They also require regular grooming, especially the feet and ears, to stay healthy.

Gordon setters shed, which can be minimized with regular brushing, especially in Texas during those long, hot summers. They are extremely intelligent and strong-will, which may be seen as stubbornness. While they are very eager to please, they can be difficult to train as they are slow to mature.

The National Gordon Setter Rescue Board discourages placement of any dog into a home with children under the age of 10 years; however, depending on the dog's history and previous family, exceptions may be made.


Our Pet List

Meet the Breed!!!!

Your next chance to meet Gordons up close will be at the annual Gordon Setter Club of America's Hunt Tests (2 days! Jan 16-17, 2010) in Caldwell, TX. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet Gordon setters of all ages and sizes. There will be plenty of owners on hand who are more than happy to discuss all aspects of Gordon setters with you. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!! For more infomation, contact Sid Bosen at sfbosen@worldnet.att.net

Our Featured Pets...

Currently we have no Gordon setters available, but that could change at any minute. IN FACT, there is potentially a very nice female coming into rescue...details pending! (We went from 3 to 1 in a week...so if you might be interested in the future, get your application is with Mary now so you will be at the top of the list with a dog comes in that is "just what you were looking for"! PLEASE SEE OUR PET LIST FOR DETAILS ON GORDONS WHEN THEY ARE AVAILABLE! Young dogs are usually adopted immediately so get your application in so you can be considered! Contact Mary Hoffman at sfbosen@worldnet.att.net or 281-370-3760. (The last young dog was on this page for 2 days prior to being adopted....they go quickly when they are available).

Please check our Pet List to for updates.

Interested in adopting future Gordons in Texas....get your application into Sid or Mary!

To adopt a Gordon setter, please check back with us often, or contact Sid or Mary for an application so that you can be given early consideration for any dogs that come into the program.

Currently, Gordon Setter Rescue of Texas has no dogs available for adoption IN TEXAS ; however, this could change at any minute.
Even if we have no dogs available for adoption, if you are interested in filling out an adoption application, please e-mail Sid Bosen at sfbosen@worldnet.att.net and include the words Gordon Setter in the subject line.

Other dogs are available through the Gordon Setter Club of America. Please visit their website at www.gsca.org - click on rescue (on the left side menu).

When we have no dogs available for adoption, we use Maggie (see her picture on our Pet List) as an EXAMPLE of the type of dog that comes through the Gordon Setter Rescue of Texas program. As an 11-month-old pup, she was adopted by a Houston-area family in 1998. You can see how happy she is!

In both 2001 and 2003, the program had 20 Gordon setters that were available for adoption in Texas. 2002 was less active and fewer dogs are available in Texas; however, there are other dogs available across the US....ONE OF THEM MAY BE PERFECT FOR YOU!!! Please contact us to see what dogs are currently available! .


Applications continue to be accepted in order to place dogs quickly once they come into the program.

Who We Are

We are a network of Gordon Setter Club of American and Sunbelt Gordon Setter Club members. Whenever possible, dogs are placed in foster homes where they can be evaluated, crate-trained, and given plenty of TLC. When foster homes are not available, rescued dogs are boarded with frequent visits from members and other friends. We work from a file of active applications, thus it is recommended that your application be filed as soon as possible. Home visits are conducted as well as personal interviews. We make every effort to make certain that the match between the family and the dog is a good one! We want our dogs to have "Forever" homes.

Adopting a Gordon setter...

The adoption process is fairly simple: 1) interest in adopting is expressed 2) correspondance or telephone conversation results 3) application is completed and returned to contact 4) home visit is made 5) matches are made based on availability and location 6) dog is brought to new home 7) contract is signed and adoption fee is paid 8) periodic follow-up calls and visits may be made

Come Visit Us!

As we are a network of private homes, please contact Sid or Mary at sfbosen@worldnet.att.net to determine what dogs are currently available in the state of Texas.

Gordon Setter Rescue of Texas

Email: sfbosen@worldnet.att.net

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