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Welcome to the Guadalupe County Humane Society

We are a no-kill shelter operating within humane guidelines dedicated to housing and caring for misplaced animals until a qualified loving home is found for them.

Donations are appreciated, as we are a privately operated Shelter and do not receive City, County, State or Federal Funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I do to Help G C H S?

  • Join and pay dues
  • Tell your friends & neighbors about the Shelter
  • Sponsor "Pet-of-the-Week" ads
  • Recycle paper at our Shelter
  • Recycle aluminum cans at our Shelter location
  • Give memorials to the Shelter
  • Support our fund-raising activities - Garage Sales, Casino Nights, Photos with Santa, etc.
  • Contribute money and supplies
  • Ask your school class, club, organization, business, scout troop and co-workers to help
  • And most importantly------Adopt your dogs and cats from us!

What to do if you have lost your dog or cat

  • Immediately post signs on the street or most prominent roads within your subdivision or area. Provide pet's description and telephone numbers to contact when the animal is found.
  • Take flyers containing photo of animal to businesses and homes around the area where the animal was lost.
  • Call, 830 372 2055, to report the lost pet and then take fliers with photo of animal to the Guadalupe County Humane Society, 2484 Highway 46N, Seguin--or your may fax the flier to 830 372 2264.
  • Also contact: Seguin Animal Control, 830 401 2335; Guadalupe County Animal Control, 830 379 1224; New Braunfels Humane Society, 830 629 5287.
  • Contact your local newspapers. Many local newspapers will run a free ad in the Lost and Found Pet Classified section: Seguin Gazsette, 830 379 5441; New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, 830 625 9144.
  • Go on to www.petfinder.com and search for other pet shelters and rescue groups in the area to contact.
  • Also conduct your search ouside your immediate area. Remember that pets can travel quickly and may have traveled from your local area. Also, people sometimes pick up pets and transport them outside the immediate area as well.
  • Contact your own vet as well as other local vets to report your lost pet. Many will post lost pets on their bulletin boards.
  • If your pet in micro-chipped, be sure to contact the company with which they are registered.
  • After your have been reunited with your pet, be sure to have it and any and all of your dogs and cats micro-chipped. Remember, micro-chipped pets are much more likely to find their way home. All vets and some animal control facilities can mico-chip your pets.
  • NOTE: Act quickly! Speed is most important when looking for your pet. Animal control facilities generally allow only 72 hours after your pet is picked up before your pet is euthanized. Weekend hours are included in the 72 hour period.

Who picks up wild animals?

    Pencilata's Exotic Pet Home
    Debra L. Grudzinski
    Seguin, TX
    (830) 303-4582
    (830) 832-2189
Guadalupe County is exceptionally fortunate to have an animal advocate willing and eager to help wildlife that is abandoned, hurt or disabled.

Pencilata's is a No-Kill, 501(c)3 organization that works with exotics, reptiles and non-domestic orphans such as racoons, bobcats etc. The organization is fully licensed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife, State Wildlife Rehabilitators.

There is no charge for the services of Pencilata's. However no State or local funds support this organization and contributions are encouraged. Receipts will be given upon request. Your donations are tax deductible.

Who picks up dead animals from roads?

    In Guadalupe County:
    City of Seguin.......................................................(830) 379-2123
    County....................................................................(830) 379-9721
    State.......................................................................(830) 379-5362

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Click here to download our Donation Form.

G C H S is a 501(c)3 organization, which makes your donations tax deductible........
And it makes you feel really good!

You can make checks payable to:
    The Guadalupe County Humane Society
    P.O. Box 1593
    Seguin, Texas 78156

For more information please call us at (830) 372-2055.

Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM -2 PM.

Or email:gchs@satx.rr.com

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Our History

For many years, a very few dedicated animal-lovers held fund-raising events. Their dream...to one day build a No-Kill Shelter for unwanted and misplaced animals.

That dream came true when the Shelter opened its doors in June 1997.

Operating expenses are kept to a minimum as the Shelter is operated primarily by volunteers and a few paid employees. Our Shelter Director works tirelessly with no compensation.

There are no holidays--animals must be fed and kennels and cages cleaned daily.

The GCHS Shelter is proud of its 90%(+) adoption rate. Our job is to take in the unwanted animals, but more importantly, it is to find them good, loving homes. Homes have been found for over 90% of the animals since we opened in 1997. Most shelters struggle to achieve a 15% adoption rate, so you can see why we are so proud of our success.

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Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of volunteers and employees. Each one works hard in handling the operations of the Guadalupe County Humane Society. It is through their work and effort that we are able to continue our mission. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the shelter.fill out this form.

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We invite you to visit our facilities at: 2484 N. State Highway 46, Seguin, TX 78155.

If you would like to bring a class, Scout troop or other group, please contact us at least one week before the date you plan to visit.

For driving directions, just put in your starting point to the right and let MapQuest do the rest.

    Hours of Operation
    10AM - 2PM, Tuesday through Saturday

    Office: 830-372-2055
    FAX: 830-372-2264
    Email: gchs@satx.rr.com
    Website: www.gchshumane.com

If you have lost your pet, please fill out our form and fax it back to us. If you have a photo of your pet, please include it.

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