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TO SEE THE POMS NOW AVAILABLE, CLICK ON "Our Pet List" ABOVE. Please be aware that we almost always have several dogs that are NOT on the website. Dogs on the website are ONLY those that are ready to adopt. Dogs with heartworm may require up to 3 months with us for treatment and spay/neuter, dogs with bad patellas (knees) need surgery and lengthy recovery time, etc. So do keep watching this site!


NEW NEWS: If you buy from, please sign up for Amazonsmile and choose Second Chance Poms for your charity. After that, you can do your normal Amazon shopping through Amazonsmile, and Amazon will send us .05% of every purchase to help us help the Poms. Thank you! Click here to see our Happy Tails!

Who We Are

Second Chance Poms, Inc., rescues Pomeranians in need in South Texas. We provide medical attention, loving home care, and new homes for these dogs. We always need new, loving foster homes for our wonderful Poms. Please visit our personal website at for more information about Pomeranians, adoption, and our group. Be aware that we ask an adoption donation, currently $400 for adults and $450 for puppies, to help cover medical expenses for the Poms. That does not cover all of it, by any means; a rescued Pom can cost as much as $1000-$3000 or even more for medical treatment. We welcome any donations to help with the extra costs.

Adopting a friend

To adopt from us, you need to e-mail and get an application form. We check references and do a home visit before deciding whether a Pom that we have would benefit from being in your home--and vice versa!

Come Visit Us!

We will be in Houston at the Reliant Center World Series of Dog Shows July 21-24, 2016. Our Rescue T-shirts will be available there., and this year we will also have tote bags available We're excited about the new pictures on these! Please come to meet us and some of our previously rescued dogs as well as some up-for-adoption dogs. You can also read about us on our non-Petfinder website at .
Second Chance Poms, Inc.

Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Phone: 979-297-7383

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